This story comes to the Tundra Tabloids via the NIJ blog, concerning a 15 year old school girl’s op-ed published in the Norwegian newspaper Aftensposten. She describes the anti-Semitism in the school she attends where she is repeatedly, and rather openly referred to as “the Jew” or “fucking Jew” by her fellow students, as well as an incident in which her elderly relatives were refused a ride by a couple of Muslim taxi drivers because they were heading to a synagogue.

Norway is a petri dish of vile, outlandish anti-Semitic behavior and bitterly irrational anti-Israel hatred. They keep denying that it exists, all the while it rages around them. Please forward this far and wide, and special thanks to the NIJ blog for forwarding this to me. KGS

Trans: Jew-parasite acquired 9th of April

From the Aftenposten:

Jew as an insult

Quite seriously, when will this hatred end?

I am very tired of comments like “fucking Jew” and “end to Jews.” When I told my grandmother that someone said such things to me in school, she was beside himself. I almost thought she would faint. Little did she know how much Jew hatred in Norway has evolved.

“Jew!” Is a frequently used term of abuse. Not only to Jews but to everyone and everything. “Jew,” if you get bad on a test. “Jew,” if you fall short of the goal in soccer.

The other day I was in a Bar Mitzva (comparable to a Christian confirmation), and relatives from several countries came to celebrate. My grandmother’s siblings were too weak to go to synagogue. They went to a taxi and the driver asked where they were going. The man came from the Middle East, and would not take them to the synagogue. They were bewildered, but went to the next taxi. The same thing happened. This is unbelievable!

Little did she know how much Jew hatred in Norway has evolved.

I’m not Jewish, but my dad is. What’s the point of constantly asking me “isn’t your father a Jew?”. Several times I found excuses to go home early from school, because I can not bear to cry in front of others.

One time I did my homework together with two friends. She said “Jew,” one to the other, and she other said “hush, Xxx is sitting here. ” When she answered first, “It does not matter, she knows that I use Jew as an insult.” To those of you that use the Jew, negro, paki, whore, gay, etc. as an insult: Please end it! Believe it or not, people get hurt.

Girl with a Jewish family (15)


  1. Well it sounds like Norway is where Germany was from 1933-1945. But their hatred for God’s Chosen People also shows us all where they stand with Him too. Are these the same conditions in the other states of the European Union? I’d have to guess that they are and it will be why a strong leader will be able to take a hold of them all very soon. Just as one did in Germany from 1933 to 1945.

  2. Disgusting. So these Norwegians hate Jews, but love Muz who are destroying their culture and society. How stupid are these Norwegians? Sickening.

  3. couple this with the story about blond girls who dye their hair dark so they aren’t harassed…

    Europeans are being trained to hate the Jew through muslims depredations that are based on hate for the Jew.. Children who grow up around lots of muslims who hate Jews will absorb that reflex to blame Jews along with the muslims…

    you know.. go along to get along..

    It’s not like this kind of thing happens overnight.. this was all planned..

  4. “To those of you that use the Jew, negro, paki, whore, gay, etc. as an insult: Please end it! Believe it or not, people get hurt.”

    She’s been indoctrinated too.. little does she know she is being targeted for being in the other special section of hate.. Jew, American Constitutionalists, Christians (actual), Whites…

    The intended mass ignorance of muslim evil in this world is the biggest fraud ever perpetuated… yes, bigger than Climategate..

  5. Well, it took over 65 years, but the Nazis finally took back Norway in the form of Muslims.

    Why doesn’t the west realize that Islam is a total political control system that has a thin veneer of religion pasted on top?

  6. This shit is in America too. In Conneticut a friend was married to a scuzzball for a short while and her son picked up on the guys racism. When someone got the better of the kid in a video game his automatic responce was to yell “you jew!” Without thinking I gave him a smack across the head. Not enough to hurt but enough for him to remember.

    Later his mother found out her grandmother had been a “cryptic jew” from portugal. They were jewish people who hid their religion in order to fit into the catholic societies of Portugal and Brazil. That meant my friend was jewish and it meant her son was jewish. I made sure to remind him from time to time.

  7. To Vangrungy “It’s not like this kind of thing happens overnight.. this was all planned..”

    Absolutely it has been planned. And the Eurosissies are rolling onto their bellies for it like they do for every violent aggressor. That’s why the Muzies have made sure to target Britain from within as well. They remembered that England was the only country to stand up to the muslims German friends in the last war. This time they are using subversion to cripple her before their takover of europe.

    Their strategy was to bully every europian country to let in arabs, then build up their population by teaching them all to how to suck in their relatives from their various rat holes of origin. Once that population is too large to get rid of they start beating up jews and homosexuals and creating no go areas, forcing the local government to deal with the “community” thru radical imams, thereby legitimizing the invasion.

    They take small steps but in each country it is the same process. I have seen a video of homosexuals being attacked by a gang of muslim crotch spawn in Michigan. The children were set on the gay couple by adult muslims protesting a gay pride event.

    The children started with the “are you gay” thing, (if one of these crotch spawn ever asks you that, RUN – it means they are scouting for a gang of older muslims looking for gays to beat up) then when the men made the mistake of thinking they were still in a civilized country and said yes the children started following them, taunting them and throwing rocks. When the couple stood up to them the first thing the crotch spawn said was “WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE? RACIST RACIST!” It is something they are taught to do by the adults and I’ve seen it on both sides of the Atlantic.

  8. jjk999 you are right, this was planned by the left, they had to destroy the West before they could start their one world socialist government, this is just one of the ways they are attacking the West.

    vangrungy I agree with you also, the left has worked hard to try and indoctrinate people into believing their feelings should never be hurt. I sympathize with the girl and wish she hadn’t been treated the way she has, but she has to develop a thicker skin.

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