Ann Barnhardt HQ with Spanish Subtitles.

As some of you may be aware, from time to time a group of us get together and make what we call, a ‘Rosetta Stone’ project on videos we think are worthy, such as the one we did for Alan West’s speech some time ago which went wildly viral, at one point nearly 100,000 views a day, and then was forced off of youtube, at least on my channel.

Ann Barnhardt did a fantastic two part video in response to the absurd and anti-democratic remarks of a certain US Senator Lindsey Graham. We liked it so much we decided to give it the Rosetta treatment and Ann was kind enough to send me her original files so I could re edit it and try and get a better video quality as well as subtitle it in as many languages as we can find volunteers for.

This is the first one of that batch, this one in Spanish. Part II possibly tonight but for sure tomorrow.


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2 Replies to “Ann Barnhardt HQ with Spanish Subtitles.”

  1. Yes, she does a good job of putting to shame some of the cowards who mistakenly believe they are our leaders. Definately not a dhimmi.

  2. Ann Barnhardt for President in 2012!

    Would someone please start a fund-raising site for this ALL-AMERICAN fighter for freedom? It looks like no-one else other than the troops overseas are.

    Especially the appeasing CiC sitting in a little white house on the east coast…

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