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3 Replies to “On Muslim manners”

  1. I saw the whole of this documentary the other week. Despite being on the BBC, britain’s chief Islamic propaganda channel, it is surprisingly informative. Its called My Brother the islamist.

  2. “Allah makes you deaf dumb and blind.”

    If these guys are talking about mirrors and scales they may have a point. They definatly don’t seem able to see those.

    So apparentlty everything little thing they do is tinged with thought out bigotry. How nice.

    If I was to repeat the words that came out of this muslims mouth to my libral aquantences they would accuse me of being racist. I am not exaggurating or being self pitying or paranoid. That is exactly what happens.

    Just last week I was talking to a libral jewish woman (I’m jewish) about this stuff and she repeated the lie that anti jihadists only do this because “they make a lot of money by saying those things. A lot of money.”

  3. One of the problems the west has is that so many people haven’t been taught how to think for themselves, they follow what ever the politically correct “experts” say is the truth. This was done so the left could take over, now the Moslems are taking advantage of the efforts of the left.

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