Muslim Brotherhood to launch TV channel in May

Hany ElWaziry Al Masry Al Youm

<p>Saad al-Husseini, member of the Muslim Brotherhood&#39;s guidance bureau</p>

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The Muslim Brotherhood announced plans to launch TV channel “Egypt 25” next month to represent their proposed Freedom and Justice Party. The group also said it plans to move its headquarters from the Manial to Moqattam neighborhood of Cairo.

The Brotherhood plans to launch the channel within two weeks, at which time it will announce the budget for the station, said member Sobhi Saleh.

“We make use of media professionals and experts from within and outside our administrative offices and from within and outside Egypt,” said Saad al-Husseini, a member of the group’s guidance bureau.

Al-Husseini said the group is checking the opinions of its local councils in various governorates on its party platform, which he said would be announced after the committee responsible for drafting the platform discusses the feedback.

The Muslim Brotherhood said it is waiting for a fair trial for former President Hosni Mubarak, his family, and the officials of the former regime in retribution for the deaths of protesters. A fair trial would prevent future presidents from repeating the ‘pharaonic acts’ of the old regime and would also help Egypt recover any stolen funds, according to the group.

In a press statement, the group supported activists’ decision to suspend Friday protests this week, saying it would give authorities time to conduct investigations into corrupt officials.

The group added in its statement Thursday that people will take to the streets again if their demands are not met.

The Brotherhood also called on all classes to contribute to national production and prove that Egyptians are capable of saving their country from an economic crisis.

Muslim Brotherhood (MB)

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2 Replies to “Muslim Brotherhood to launch TV channel in May”

  1. Soon coming to a US station near you!

    The MB are well-funded by OPEC oil and gas money, so the anti-Israeli, anti-west propaganda will be produced with high standards, not like the Palestinian drivel that comes from that little hell-hole.

    Yet the CiC still insists that Egypt needs more religion in their politics.

    Wait for the other shoe to drop, people. The MB will not tolerate the west for any length of time, should they get into power in Cairo.

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