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6 Replies to “Another Muslim teen girl missing in the US. Police fear Muslim disobedience-femicide.”

  1. I pray she is alive and running, I am afraid that after turning down the men her father choose he may have killed her.

  2. These news bites are only the tip of the iceberg, how many more girls ‘ran away’ or ‘vanished’ will never be known do to the ignorance, arrogance, 7th century culture, and wall of secrecy within the families and the Muslim community. I dread to even think of the true numbers.

  3. Richard. I am amazed that there is not a stampede of muslim women running from the airport when they reach the west. And regarding Big Franks comment. I would be morbidly curious to see the results of a long and proper search in and around Muslim areas in the west [Europe and the Americas] using cadaver dogs.

  4. We need big houses as shelters in every major city for these girls, and mercenaries with biker connections to act as security when those insane backward lunatic immigrant parents come trying to get them to go back into the hell they call family

  5. They arrange marriages as early as 14, not 16. I know a Pakistani Shia Muslim here in the Mid-Cities, (Hurst, Euless, Bedford) TX whose daughter is in an arranged marriage at 15. He has been married for 18 years and is sleeping with multiple women in the neighborhood, some his employees, some patrons to his “convenience” stores. These people “act” nicer than you’d ever imagine to your face, especially if you’re a nice looking woman who they haven’t conquered yet, but women are objects for their own use and disposal. Such a lovely ideology these ” people ” live by… DISGUSTING!!

  6. Taffy it takes a lot of courage to run like that, more courage then most people can work up.

    As for the cadaver dogs that would be a good idea, but you couldn’t get the warrants to enter the private property without out a lot more evidence.

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