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9 Replies to “In Danish courts, its not so much “All Rise” when the judge comes in so much as…”

  1. All this talk of tolerance and respect…

    When its sooo clear that these people are just making their ages old quranic war against us.

    That “we” do not fully understand that is very, very sad, because it means that more innocent people have to suffer and die in the future.

  2. Alexb, yes in this Politically Correct world we must avoid at all costs the use of the dreaded words that begin with ‘M’, ‘I’, ‘J’, ‘S’, and ‘T ‘.

  3. Wilders Trial day 16

    Today was the 16th trial day in the Wilders trial. Unfortunately I was not able to see last Wednesdays proceeding with the testimonies of Hans Jansen en Judge Schalken about that infamous dinner that caused the earlier Wilders trial to collapse. Because during the dinner judge Schalken, the judge who ordered the Wilders trial, tried to convince Hans Jansen about the rightfulness of his order during a dinner just days before Hans Jansen himself had to testify in that trial (see: Judge Schalken).


  4. the death cult, followers of the death cult manual, are through the gates. this is the gentle part of the indoctrination.

  5. The west has become too civilized, we are so afraid of injuring people or hurting their feelings that we allow massive crimes to go unpunished.

  6. That’s your wonderful multi-culturalism in action, folks. Stay tuned for more.
    Denmark has only itself to blame. After all, the Moslem Scum were LET into the country…

  7. Correct rh, the bleeding heart liberals who think they can save the world, are the first ones to cast blame on others when the new ‘immigrants’ cause major problems, like crime, non-assimilation and a large financial burden on the host nation’.

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