France calls for pushing migrants at sea back to Tunisia

From Monsters and Critics:

Apr 14, 2011, 15:39 GMT

Brussels – Boats from the European Union’s border patrol mission Frontex should send migrants found at sea straight back to Tunisia, rather than take them to Italy for identification, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon suggested on Thursday.

Italy has faced an influx of nearly 23,000 Tunisians since mid- January, when an autocratic regime in that country was toppled by popular protests. Most of them landed in Lampedusa, a tiny island straining under the pressure.

‘To avoid those situations that lead Frontex vessels to salvage clandestines at sea and take them to Lampedusa, it would be more intelligent to take them directly to Tunisia,’ Fillon said after talks in Brussels with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

Fillon’s proposal could prove controversial, as the internationally recognized non-refoulement principle states that authorities cannot push back migrants without checking first for the presence of asylum-seekers.

Barroso did not comment upon Fillon’s idea, but said he told Tunisian authorities during a visit on Tuesday that it was in their interest to help control migration to avoid such a ‘sensitive’ issue being hijacked by ‘certain populist, extremist forces’ in EU countries.

France’s Front National and Italy’s Northern League are among the right-wing parties wooing voters with tough anti-immigration slogans.

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5 Replies to “France calls for pushing migrants at sea back to Tunisia”

  1. Damn things are looking up, the French are starting to accept reality and are starting to do, or purpose doing what is necessary. No matter how non PC those actions are.

  2. These are not asylum seekers.

    They could have gone to several embassies or consulates.

    If it was a matter of safety than it is much easier and cheaper for them to go into neighboring countries than to shell out thousands for a boat ride to Europe.

    The cost of a ride across the mediteranian would be enough to keep them and their families safe in a neighboring country untill they could get asylum status via an embassy for them and their families.

  3. Once the word gets back to the so-called refugees on the coast of Africa that the free lunch room is closed the tide will slow down to a trickle. If the process is made extremely difficult it will slow down the flow of dole seeking parasites.

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