Clinton warns creeping intolerance threatens to derail Arab democratic revolutions

Clinton does not get that this is true democracy. It is the will of the majority that influences the actions of the state. This woman needs a dictionary. 

YAHOONEWS/CANADIANPRESS…BERLIN – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned Friday that rising intolerance toward women and religious minorities threatens to derail democratic transitions around the Arab world and spread violent extremism.

Accepting an award named for a pre-Nazi era German Jewish businessman, politician and foreign minister who was murdered for his promotion of inclusion and tolerance, Clinton said she was disturbed by recent developments in post-revolt Egypt in which women and Coptic Christians were singled out for attacks and abuse. They are signs, she said, that extremists are intent on seizing transitions for their own aims.

The 1922 assassination of Walter Rathenau, was “a cautionary tale about how these transitions can be undermined by intolerance and hijacked by extremists,” she told a ceremony in Berlin.

She said the incidents in Egypt were testing the unity of pro-democracy demonstrators whose peaceful protests ousted Egypt’s authoritarian president and could fracture the reform movement.

Clinton said she feared similar backsliding elsewhere in the Mideast and stressed it was critical for Egyptians and other Arabs whose nations are in the throes of change to resist intolerance and demand that their new leaders embrace open and inclusive governments.

“It will be critical,” she said, for citizens and leaders “to work together to resist these dangers and keep their nations on track to become open, inclusive, pluralistic democracies.”

“Democracy is a never-ending task that requires participation and protection and it is only possible if every citizen can enjoy its benefits,” she said. “Societies thrive when all their people contribute and participate. But they stagnate when women are excluded or minorities are persecuted.”

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  1. How can this dhimmi even speak of tolerance and acceptance when her own government has raised the status of Islam as “most favoured”?

    The current administration has eliminated the traditional divide between church and state to such an extent that the DHS, CIA, FBI and TSA cannot even discuss terrorism and its obvious connections to Islam without fearing censure.

    She obviously didn’t get the memo that Islam is first and foremost based on intolerance and inequality. That she talks of “extremists” in this context is laughable, since Islam itself is extremist to an extent that would make even moderate Nazis blush.

    Whoever nominated her for this award should have their heads examined. Despite the fact that she is the US Secretary of State, she is part of an administration that is doing what it can to dispel the notion that Islam is not a radical total control system whose leaders are bent on world conquest.

  2. She is a leftist, they have never accepted the idea that words have specific meanings that are usually different from what the leftist mean. She was educated in PC schools and bought their entire line of bull, she is just discovering the facts that rational people knew all along. I doubt if she will ever wake up enough to realize that her entire adult life has been spent helping the people who she is now condemning.

  3. The democratisation by revolution of the Arabic stats was dead few days after it began, the left just need a scapegoat for doing too little too late and its called “Intolerance” (and between the lines they mean all non lefties are the perpetrators) I’m surprised she didn’t used the term “Islamophobs”, a term that is misguiding because most of us who have read about Islam has no phobia about this so called religion just utterly discontent.

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