Mohammedan fanatics burned sacred Hindu scripture “Srimad Bhagabad Gita” after destroying 555 years old Hindu temple complex in Islamic Republic of Bangladesh

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Mohammedan fanatics burned sacred Hindu scripture “Srimad Bhagabad Gita” after destroying 555 yrs old Hindu temple complex in Islamic Republic of Bangladesh.

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Srimad Bhagavad Gita burned, Srivas Angan destructed and partially grabbed by Islamists in Bangladesh.

In the series attack upon the Hindu Temples in Bangladesh in recent months, aiming to frighten the minority Hindus there and to grab the Hindu temple properties within a so called secular regime of Awami League Govt. headed by Sheikh Hasina, latest feed back came to us about a total resentment of the retaliating Hindus in the nefarious design of burning of “Srimad Bhagabad Gita” in the temple complex of Sribas Angan in the vicinity of Beyani Bazar of Sylhet district. Before this culpable act the Islamist perpetrators destroyed the ancestral deities of this “Sree Sree Lakshmi Narayan”, “Lord Shiva” and “Radha Madhav Jiu” of Achray Sribas Swami, a great Sanskrit scholar ever and the champion companion of Sree Sree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu(1486–1534), a great spiritual leader in India for his Bhakti Movement.

The ancestral complex Sribas Acharya is considered as a heritage monument and   famous Tirtha Khestra (pilgrimage resort) for Hindus comprising with very old “Sree Sree Lakshmi Narayan Mandir”, “Pancha Tattva Mandir”, and “Siva Mandir” was destroyed by the local Mohammedan land grabbers and perpetrators.

On 02.04.11, morning at about 10.00 am in  broad day light, local influential perpetrators and land grabbers backed by ruling parties burned at least ten copies of Sreemad Bhagbad Gita with many religious books in front of local people after rampaging the whole pilgrimage complex to ensure a Islamic capture over a Hindu rights upon a temple property(Devottar sampatti). The fanatic Mohammedans successfully tried to destroy the relics of famous library building of Srivas Swami where a good collection of Hindu classic literatures and scriptures were the main attraction for the erudite students of the Master Srivas, across eastern India. It is believed that Srivas Swami started here an indigenous block print method (printing press) to copy old Sanskrit Texts. For a very unfortunate fate of the Hindus in Bangladesh all these historical and religious monuments  have almost been perished into the Islamic aggression and the Government negligence.

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  1. Another sad incident in the Islamic worlds’ pogrom against all other faiths and religions. This is never ending, there are so many incidents of violence, murder, destruction of property and desecration of religious sites worldwide that it is impossible to keep track of them.

  2. The Moslems are destroying so much history and the pseudo intellectuals of the left ignore it. I pray that the majority of Egyptian artifacts are kept safe but have no realistic hope that they will be.

  3. Next on the Muslim agenda: destroy everything in the west.

    You can bet that this will happen as more Muslims enter the western world with their hate and bigotry. Give them an inch and they will want the entire highway and even your own driveway.

    Muslims are among the most destructive collective force on the planet and we have to prepare for them, not molly coddle them.

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