British PM gives stunning speech on Immigration and welfare reform.

This is truly an excellent reversal of the horrid leftist policies of unreality of the last many decades. Clearly if leaders like Cameron, and you can bet Sarkozi and Merkel will follow, are ready to say these sorts of things than the kinds of disasters we have been predicting must be closer than even I thought. Anyone checked the price of silver today?

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  1. don’t believe this man – he believes in nothing – just ask the British. he’s only stating these things to gain some political capital.. he won’t do anything to reverse the tide. he occasionally talks the talk but he won’t walk. talk is cheap – he doesn’t even have the power to address immigration – it’s an EU competency and he is powerless – to redress immigration he first needs to get his country out of the empire of evil.

  2. Romegas is right. I find it hard to believe EEyore or Vlad are taken in by this little EU puppet. Cardboard cut-out shoebox theatre for the people who still believe what their tv sets tell them.

  3. Eeyore, yes, you are right, I must try to stop being so surprised, a terrible habit, I will try to improve. Thanks.

  4. Politicians like him are digging a very deep hole for themselves, they refuse to do anything for their own people but run their mouths and then blame the people when they start moving to correct the problem.

  5. Amazing news, it has only taken him and his party thirty years to realise that immigration is dangerous…

    I think there is an election coming up.Hmmmmm.

    Empty words, just like the promise of a referendum on membership of the EU. Liars all.

  6. I waited with baited breath, to hear him say, the BNP have been right all along, and we’ve been accusing them of being racists and fascists and martians, but now I see the light?
    But not a whisper.
    Really I don’t believe a word this two faced “Blair light” janus man says, we’ve had his “cast iron” guarantees before. They have, like the Labour party, picked up on the ever longer list of people complaining on the doorsteps, and are now preaching what they think people want to hear.
    He intends, and will do nothing, not about illegal immigration, the asylum racket, legal immigration, or anything else at all. Just part of the same rubbish.

  7. Do not believe a word this man says. He renaged on his promise to hold a referendum which would give the British people the opportunity to decide whether or not we should remain members of the EU. He found strutting the World stage more absorbing than dealing with domestic issues. The EU supported by the European court of human rights
    make the rules on immigration and there is little he can do to control the numbers. In fact
    With the current turmoil in the middle east the number of immigrants will increase, legally or illegally, more so because he has reduced border control numbers by over on third. He is a QUISLING.

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