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4 Replies to “Prominent Italian politician speaks on the current immigration crisis.”

  1. The one who is too kind becomes minced meat. Got that right! Look closely at those “refugees” – no women, no children, no elderly. They are all young single men. That’s not a refugee problem you got there, it’s an invasion.

  2. Paula N, you are Quite correct, these so-called refugees, or displaced persons IMHO are the making of a fifth column, which in the future will become the vanguard of the Muslim Brotherhood, and ‘storm troopers’ for radical Islam.

  3. The speaker has a glimpse of what is happening, but he refuses to take a real good hard look at the problem, he is still not wanting to admit that in invasion is taking place. What I wonder is just how many weapons are stored and where they are stored? I remember reading (a few years ago) about rumors of large stores of weapons in Mosques in all European nations.

  4. La Grande Lega! in my eyes the only political party in Europe worth voting for. I suggest you look up Borghezio and get someone to translate him.

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