British Embassy in Iran closes

By: Reza Kahlili / April 13, 2011 From the excellent former CIA agent’s blog, ‘A Time to Betray’

On Wednesday morning, the British Embassy in Tehran sent text messages to all embassy staff informing them not to report to work.

According to the Jahan’eh Mahramaneh News, an informed source close to the embassy who wished to remain anonymous said that the text messages specifically emphasized  that “all colleagues refrain from investigating the reason for the work suspension.” There is also no information available as to the length of time the embassy staff is expected to remain in hiatus.

Diplomatic protocol dictates that in the case of a severance of ties between two countries, the embassy brass and ambassador are recalled following a stipulated amount of time and the native employees are then discharged after a certain period. According to an expert, sending text messages may have a security aspect however.

Earlier, on March 24th, Britain supported the U.N.’s decision to appoint a monitor to investigate Iran’s human rights abuses.

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