Muslim population in Western Europe rising

IB NEWS… The population of Muslims in Western Europe has been steadily rising in recent decades, largely due to immigration from the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa.

In Southeastern Europe, much of which once formed part of the Ottoman Empire, Muslims have been present for many centuries, but they are a relatively new phenomenon in the western part of the continent.

On the whole, Muslim’s represent about 5 percent of the population of the EU 27.

Far-right politicians in Europe have long warned that the Muslim numbers will continue to grow due to higher birth rates. Marine Le Pen, the head of France’s anti-immigrant National Front party, who openly discusses the rising number Muslims in France, could conceivably win next year’s presidential election, according to polls.

While the percentage of Muslims as part of the overall population of western European nations are in single digits, a 2009 study by the Telegraph newspaper in the UK estimated that by 2050, Muslims will account for 20 percent of the European Union’s populace. Long before that, Britain, Spain and The Netherlands will reach and surpass that figure.

In large urban cities, Muslims already account for a significant portion of the population For example, it is believed that one-fourth of the residents of Brussels, Belgium are Islamic. Moreover, at least three of Brussels’ 19 sections already have Muslim majorities.

Here are the nations of Western Europe with the largest Muslim populations (by percentage). Data comes from and are as of 2008, so they are likely to be somewhat conservative estimates:

Austria (2.2%)

Muslims came to Austria during the 1960s as migrant workers from Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Vienna is now estimated to be 10 percent Muslim.

Italy (2.4%)

The recent arrival of illegal North African migrants onto Italy’s Mediterranean island of Lampedusa has placed the subject to Muslim immigration on the agenda, However Italy’s Muslim population is relatively low compared to its neighbors. The anti-immigrant Northern league want to halt further migration as well as stop the construction of any more mosques on Italian soil.

United Kingdom (2.8%)

British Muslims are overwhelmingly from Pakistan and Bangladesh, a community that has had deep roots in the UK for at least fifty years. UK Muslims are concentrated in the urban areas and are among Britain’s poorest and worst-educated and housed. Muslims in the UK have been heavily scrutinized since the 2001 terrorist attacks in the US, and tie 2005 bombings in London.

Denmark (3.0%)

In the early 1970s many Muslims emigrated to Denmark from Turkey, Pakistan, Bosnia and Morocco, Later asylum-seekers arrived in huge numbers, mostly from Iraq, Iran, Gaza and Somalia.

Switzerland (3.1%)

The majority of Swiss Muslims are from Kosovo in the former Yugoslavia, with large numbers from Turkey as well. The construction of mosques in Switzerland has become a contentious political issue. In 2007 the city council of Bern rejected a proposal to build a large Islamic cultural center.

Sweden (3.1%)

Immigration by Muslims into Sweden commenced in the 1970s, A great many are from Iraq and Iran, with sizable numbers from the former Yugoslavia.

Belgium (3.6%)

Belgium’s Muslims, who are concentrated in Brussels, are generally from Turkey or Morocco.

Germany (3.7%)

The majority of Muslims in Germany are Turkish, who have been in the country in large numbers since in 1960s, when they were invited as “guest workers.”

Netherlands (5.4%)

Most Muslims in Holland originated in Morocco and Turkey, who were recruited by the Dutch government in the 1960s. Politicians are increasingly questioning the place of Islam in a modern secular Holland. In 2004, Mohammed Bouyeri, a Dutch citizen of Moroccan descent murdered film director Theo van Gogh who made a film critical of Islam.
The anti-immigrant politician Geert Wilders of the Dutch Party for Freedom was put on trial last year for inciting racial hatred.

France (10%)

France has Western Europe’s largest Muslim population by far, the vast majority of whom come from Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco (all former French colonies). In recent years, France has seen riots by Muslim youths in the bleak suburbs outside of Paris and other cities, over poverty and discrimination. French President Nicholas Sarkozy has called for a national debate on Islam in France and has repeatedly called for the banning of Muslim outerwear like the hijab.

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  1. I believe that this Muslim migration has been planned for decades prior to it happening. Muslim leaders think in terms of decades-long strategies for world domination.

    Witness the formation of OPEC, which the west bows down to each and every day. That little organization was cheered when it was formed because it was thought that it would help eradicate poverty and poor levels of education within Muslim member states. Fat chance. It has merely made the leaders of the OIC more bold and wealthy at the expense of largely foreign workers.

    The Muslim migration is nothing less than a grand tactic within the Islamic world to Islamize the west and the free world from within in anticipation of the elimination of Israel and the establishment of a universal caliphate down the road.

    You can bet that plenty of these migrants are being groomed as we speak for actions against the west. Its in the cards…

    Lets just say that 9/11 was merely one event in the process of Muslims taking over the world.

    Its high time western leaders start waking up to that fact and prepare for a struggle from within as millions of Muslims seek jihad.

    May the west prevail.

  2. You are right, the Moslem Brotherhood has been planning the take over of the world since the 1920s. The immigration into the west is only one of the things they have been planning, we are also seeing their plan for the rebuilding of the Caliphate being carried out in North Africa. Look for more and more actions that will force the people to realize that we are in a war of survival and have to fight back.

  3. I agree. I cannot understand why the West was stupid enough to make itself dependent on oil, unless that too was a plan of the Elites to justify Muslim immigration.
    If you accuse the Muslim Brotherhood of wanting to conquer the world, they will say the Jews have been accused of the same thing. But we could just as easily reverse their argument; the Nazis have also been accused of wanting to conquer the world.
    Muslims accuse “Islamophobes” of lying, Hitler accused the Jews of lying. Muslims accuse the West of wanting to conquer the world, Hitler accused the Jews of wanting to conquer the world. The West and the “Islamophobes” are the new Jews.

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