In Iran, dozens of students attack Saudi embassy with firebombs to protest Bahrain crackdown

Iranian ‘students’. Remember that trick from the revolution?

From Winnipeg Free Press:

By: The Associated Press

Posted: 04/11/2011 10:45 AM |

TEHRAN, Iran – Scores of Iranian students have attacked the Saudi Arabian embassy with firebombs to protest the Gulf country’s role in cracking down on anti-government protesters in Bahrain.

The official IRNA news agency says protesters tried to attach a flag of the Lebanese group Hezbollah to the embassy’s gate Monday, but were prevented by police. Protesters chanted slogans against Saudi and Bahraini leaders, both followers of Sunni Islam.

Iran, predominantly Shiite Muslim, has denounced the deployment of a Saudi-led force to help prop up Bahrain’s monarchy. A government crackdown against Bahrain’s Shiite-led protests has killed at least 27 people. Authorities say they see Iran’s influence among the opposition, though there are no visible links.

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  1. While this might look like good news for us we have to remember that during the Crusades the Sunni and the Shia fought each other but would stop that to fight the west and then go back to fighting each other.

  2. Excellent news. I hope they will fight each other and thus exhaust themselves until such time as their oil runs out and then they will come begging for food.

  3. Richard any fight that exhausts them is a good thing. I know they will join forces if needs be but for now the death party for sunis and shiites is on.

  4. I’m with Richard.

    The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

    I think that it is a smoke-screen of sorts, to let the west’s guard down as Iran arms itself with nuclear weapons.

    Never trust the Muslim world to make good on their promises to stop fighting us. They only re-direct their energies elsewhere as in this case.

  5. In my opinion:
    Iran is now a regional hegemon. The very thing the last 100 years or more of US foreign policy has aimed to prevent. The emergence of a regional hegemon in Eurasia. Now Iran is one. They likely have the bomb or they would not be moving ahead with their plans to create unrest in the Arab world by using the Shiite minorities within them.

    The great prize for Iranian regional bullying, is Saudi Arabia. They have been at war through Yemen and other places for well over a year now and it is a secret war for the US as well. A 4th front at least.

    The Iranians loath the Saudis not merely because they are Sunni, but because they see them as US allies and Israel friendly, which in fact they are despite it being a Judenrhein nation and grotesquely antisemitic, they actually are not nearly as antagonistic in terms of real acted-upon foreign policy towards Israel as Iran or Syria or many other Muslim states. Iran views the Saudis as a corrupt despotic nation which is really about gross opulence by it’s royalty and hides behind religiosity in a deal it made with the devil. All these charges frankly, are true. Iran is evil, genocidal and dangerous but not stupid or blind.

    Watch the upcoming test of an implosion device in NORK shortly. I bet odds that it will be of Iranian origin. Chinese design certainly but Iranian origin. I wish I knew how to find and read Richter data as I suspect if I could, I would see evidence of Iranian tests perhaps in Iran but also perhaps in Lebanon or Syria of a gun-style device in the low kiloton range.

    Anyway that’s just me completely waxing paranoia. But it truly is a crime that the US lost sight of its own excellent policies.

    1. Never allow the emergence of a hegemon in Eurasia
    2. Maintain global hegemony over the worlds oceans to guarantee world trade and increased prosperity for all the worlds people through safe trade.

    As to #2, check the post I just did on the UK and its policies towards Somali pirates.

  6. The so called protesters in Bahrain killed 7 pakistanis whom have nothing to do with the government just innocent people and ran over unarmed police men and killed 3 of them you can check it in YouTube and kidnapped Indian and other nationalities who work in Bahrain and torture them in the hospital and force people not to practice their normal life by blocking streets and threat people and use words and knives and it never was peaceful It terrorized us who were siting at home for as long as a month and the government called for dialogue and they never wanted to and they insist in throwing off the regime and then dialogue how come it was such a horrible month and thank god and to our army and to the support of the Gcc and long live the king and the prime minister and our crown prince .

  7. Hi I’m really shocked by these comments that stem from hatred to anything that’s different. Instead of wishing peace you’re happy with that . That’s really unfair. Some westerners should reconsider their attitudes , sometimes I doubt you’re really civilised

  8. Veteran I agree that anything that hurts the enemy helps us, but to many people believe the idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, in his online SF comic strip Schlock Mercenary Howard Tayler rewrote it to, the enemy of my enemy, nothing more and nothing less. I don’t doubt they will fight, scheme against and kill each other, but all of this will not be a big help to us.

    mrgreen, I am shocked at the way you ignore what is said and instead put your own meaning to the words, and how you decide that because we know history and understand what is coming we are afraid of what is different. Different doesn’t bother us, dangerous does, attempts at world domination bother us, and attempts at theocide and genocide bother us.

    Unfortunately too many people are historically illiterate and instead of learning from the past attack those who are trying to prevent the mistakes of history being made again.

  9. Eeyore I don’t think a gun type device in the low kiloton range has been tested in Iran, I could be wrong but I pray not. One reason I say this is that the lower the kiloton range the harder to make a gun type device that works, I don’t have enough knowledge to explain it fully but from what I have read on the subject it takes an implosion device to create the smaller explosions, you have to squeeze the fissile material into a tight enough package to create a critical mass. The lower the range of the device the harder this is to do, so any gun type device lower then a 10 to 20 kiloton range is hard to achieve. Also the seismic signature of a nuclear explosion is well known, I don’t think the Western governments have enough power to keep all of the people who would see the evidence silent.

    Having said that I expect a 10 to 30 kiloton test in North Korea some time this year, and if it is successful I expect to see Iran use one on Israel as soon as they can launch or get it delivered there by ground transport.

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