In at least one town in Spain, women have a curfew of 8:00

if they don’t want to get raped by Muslim immigrants and or ‘refugees’.

From Freedom-resistance:

“We want security in the neighbourhood as it was before. When I was eight I could walk to my friends house at night, now I am 22 and I have to stay at home 8 o’clock.”

Reporter: “Images of the incidents this last weekend, just in the night of saturday they burned 12 cars and some containers.”
Man: “these last days.. (inaudible) was like nothing”.
Woman: “last year there were riots there and some… trouble(?)”

“It was one year ago the first conflicts began..”

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  1. Well, If you decide to “fight” back, make sure you identify those people who’ve betrayed your trust in handing you over to those who wish to subjugate you. Meaning those political figures in your own governing bodies who’ve legislated laws against your interests. Anyone who wages war against you through “diversity” and “multiculturalism” is using Cultural Marxism to destroy your society. Until you can remove those people from the Commanding Heights of your own society you will continue to be doomed to failure in fighting against this.

  2. The Politically Correct, feckless, no backbone, apologists, and lapdogs of Islam, must be voted out of office both on a local and national level, in all countries in the EU and the USA. This what we are witnessing is only the beginning, soon this trickle of migrants will become a horde and overburden many countries in the EU. We are already seeing it in Paris, Berlin, Oslo, London, Rome, Where ‘wolf packs’ of Muslim migrant youths commit street crime, rape, and robbery on a regular basis At one time I could walk the streets of most European cities with little worries , today I would be a more cautious. When citizens of a nation cannot walk freely about their government has failed them miserably. When the citizens have finally had enough and take the law into their own hands, their governments turn on them and punishes them harshly. Don’t look to the police agencies for help they are getting their orders from the timid officials. We in the West have been sold out by our collective band of liberal leftists.

  3. Incidents such as this are happening in many parts of Europe and the UK. May I suggest that all who have watched the video and read the article forward it to the Prime minister and your local political representative , demand a response to their reaction and insist that
    government policy be shaped to deal severely with Muslims who transgress against
    National laws and culture and deport them on completion of their custodial sentence. If our spineless political EUnuchs fail to act soon there is no doubt in my mind there will be a
    violent reaction from the indigenous population In many towns and cities throughout the UK and Europe.

  4. Probably the best 9.4 minutes of video, from anywhere, that I’ve seen in a handful of years. This needs very wide publicity.

    Note to self – pm eeyore

  5. I wasn’t able to view this, as it has been removed…

    >done deliberately.
    We compare today’s dark cloud over earth, and history of Communist affiliate operations… “Cultural Marxism to destroy your society” (as was said here) shows up as many things; including (open) cross-border, atrocity…

    If evil enlarges itself, more criminals will become cheap guard dogs in a down turned world… I suggest family neighborhood watches, and closer communities to stand together, to protect one another, in the times to come…

  6. bby:

    Please try again, and thanks for alerting me. I re-uploaded the file to another account. It should work now.

  7. Yes, Spain is a special target of Muslims. The only way to stop this, is to use asymmetric warfare. Cut off their hands, and gouge out their eyes. Islam forbids euthanasia. But one reason Muslims are so nasty is because the indigenous Europeans are seen as “racists” who would exterminate them given a chance. They fear a replay of the Holocaust. Paradoxically enough, promising to enslave Muslim women and children, would allay that fear.

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