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3 Replies to “Grateful ‘refugees’, mostly Tunisians, set fire to the immigration center as a way of saying thank you”

  1. Why does the west punish itself for being the “good guys”?

    If these so-called refugees are vandalizing buildings of the very people who are trying to help, why do it at all?

    Send them back, before they start their jihad in earnest. The free world does not need more terrorists in our midst.

    It sound cruel, but if they can’t find land, then let them sink. We can’t afford any more Muslims on our shores who hate the west and all that it stands for. We can’t afford the ones we already have here, for crying out loud.

    Ship them all back, its the only way to keep the west free and civilized enough to withstand the coming of a universal caliphate.

  2. The West fears that any action against immigrants would lead to another Holocaust. The West fears itself. The reason that the Holocaust was so devastating was because Christianity, from a misguided sense of do-goodery (the Law of Unintended Consequences), abolished polygamy and slavery. Thus, because captured women and children became useless, they were killed without mercy. If we want to break Muslim resistance, we must promise to enslave their women and children.

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