Why Would I Care About The Ivory Coast?

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What does the Ivory Coast have to do with the EDL: what does mass Muslim immigration and subversion of democracy have to do with a civil war?

Here’s another example of the mainstream media completely hiding the real reasons for a conflict from the masses. I could be kind and say they’re just stupid, or I could be correct and say they’re terrified of what will happen when people know the truth. If you knew that the Ivory Coast in 1957 had about a 20% Muslim population and that today it is over 50%. If you then knew that the supposedly democratically elected new leader is Muslim while the old one is Christian, do you think those facts might be important? Have you heard that on the BBC?

And if anyone can find any mention of the Islam vs Christianity element of this civil war on the BBC, do let us know.

The following is taken from a leading counter Jihad blog: Sultan Knish.

There is a civil war in the Ivory Coast between Muslims and Christians. Unsurprisingly the EU has chosen to back the Muslim side. France is using armed force to insure that the Muslims take over.

Islam came to the Ivory Coast via Berber slave traders. Now it is trying to take over with mass murder and the backing of the ‘international community’. The post-colonial Ivory Coast was a success story. But Muslim immigration has turned it into a nightmare.

The media narrative on the Cote D’Ivorie crisis is that Muslim thug Alassane Ouattarra is the legitimately elected leader of the country. But Alassane Ouattarra had a Birther problem of his own. Under Ivory Coast law, the president and his parents have to be native born. Alassane Ouattarra was born in the Ivory Coast, but his father wasn’t. That legally disqualified him from holding office. He tried for it anyway despite a Supreme Court ruling barring him.

Ouattarra tried to present forged documents, resulting in a warrant for his arrest. He ran for office yet again. But this time he brought large numbers of Muslim immigrants who were not legally qualified to vote to the polls. Numerically he won, but the invalid votes were thrown out by the Constitutional Council. The ‘international community’ chose to back Ouattarra, who had no legal right to even stand for office, and his illegal Muslim voters. Now they’re doing everything possible to put him in power.

Let’s be clear about what is going on here. Gbago is no saint– few African leaders are. But Alassane Ouattarra and his Muslim thugs are trying to turn the Ivory Coast into another Sudan filled with the bodies of Christians and Animists. Backing an Ouattarra takeover means backing another Muslim genocide against Christians and Animists.

The Obama Administration has pushed for the replacement of Gbago with Ouattarra. The UN has used mostly unproven war crimes allegations, that smack of events in Yugoslavia, to conduct a war to put Ouattarra and his Muslim thugs in power. Meanwhile the UN did not intervene military when Muslims were engaged in genocide in Sudan. UN peacekeepers serve as Ouattara’s private bodyguard.

Despite all the lies about acting on behalf of Ivorians– the UN is acting on behalf of Muslims. On behalf of Ouattara and the Muslim immigrants drawn by the wealth of Côte d’Ivoire.

The numbers tell the tale. In 1957, Muslims barely made up 20 percent of the country. In the 90’s, they were already half the country. The boom has come from migrant workers. Many of whom were enlisted to vote for Ouattara.

This civil war hinges on the question of whether Muslim immigrants should be allowed to take over the Côte d’Ivoire. The UN says yes. Obama says yes. France says yes. But this is a preview of coming attractions for Europe and America as well.

An AOL News article makes the explicit connection

Have you ever heard of a once-prosperous nation, the envy of bordering countries, where the economy suddenly soured? And then issues of immigration and nationality surfaced — and even the birth record of a presidential candidate was questioned?

“If you want to know how dangerous the birther movement is in the U.S., look at the Ivory Coast,” said Daniel Balint-Kurti, an Ivory Coast expert and former resident now with the London-based Global Witness organization. Al-Jazeera began pushing the “We need to be paying more attention to the Ivory Coast” meme. And we’re paying attention to make the Muslims win. As usual.

Ouattara’s forces massacred a 1,000 Christians with no condemnation. All under the auspices of the UN.

The International Committee for the Red Cross said its staff discovered more than 800 bodies of people who were clearly local civilians. They were mainly men who had been shot and left where they fell, the organisation said, either alone or in small groups dotted around the town, which lies at the heart of Ivory Coast’s economically crucial cocoa producing region.

The charity said it had been told by locals that intercommunal violence erupted soon after Mr Ouattara’s forces took control of the town on Monday. Thousands of people left their homes to escape the fighting and an estimated 40,000 sought refuge in a nearby Roman Catholic mission’s compound. The priests who operate it are running short of food, clean water and medical equipment to treat those they say arrived with gunshot wounds.

The bodies are thought to be of those who did not reach sanctuary in time. They were killed despite 200 United Nations troops operating what it said were “robust” patrols from its base on the outskirts to protect civilians in and around the church. And the body count continues to grow as Obama, Sarkozy and the UN are determined to let Ouattara turn the Ivory Coast into another Sudan.

Early reports suggested that more than 800 people, largely from the Gbagbo-supporting Gueré tribe, were killed in a single day at the sprawling Salesian Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus mission in Duekoue, 300 miles west of Abidjan towards the Liberian border. The attackers seem to have been largely soldiers descended from Burkina Faso immigrant Muslim families loyal to Ouattara. These atrocities are not just happening on Obama’s watch– they are orchestrated by the thugs he supports.

Senator Inhofe has stepped up to the plate and called for hearings

“It is now clear, based on U.N. reports coming from Cote d’Ivoire, that mass killings have occurred at the hands of Alassane Ouattara,” Inhofe said. “This calls into question his legitimacy to lead that country. Ouattara is on a rampage, killing innocent civilians, and he must be stopped before this becomes another Rawanda.

“The United States must call for an immediate ceasefire to prevent Ouattara and his rebel army from committing a mass slaughter of the Ivorians, especially the many youth with sticks and baseball bats, who are protecting Gbagbo at the presidential palace.

“Based on the evidence I have seen, and having spoken with various dignitaries in Africa, I brought the issue of fraudulent elections in Cote d’Ivoire to the attention of Secretary of State Clinton on a couple of occasions spanning the past few months. I have called for the United States to support new elections there, but thus far, these efforts have received very little response or attention. Based on the news that Ouattara has murdered 1,000 people in Duekoue, I hope the U.S. will reconsider its position. The Cote D’Ivorie is only one front in a Muslim drive to Islamize Africa. And Africa is only front in a Muslim drive to Islamize the world.

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  1. It’s true, that MSM seem not to report the full story. As a response to a posted comment (“ban ki moon helps another country joining the umma”) I got s.th. like this: “What does this have to do with it?” That fellow simply was not informed properly, I guess, since he did not respond again after being told a few facts.

  2. The world needs to wake up to the fact that this is a global jihad and that if we don’t start fighting back we will be destroyed. That is the bad news, the good news is that the West has a history of fighting back and winning when all of the odds say we should lose.

    This war is going to last for a long time so be prepared for a lot of misery during this Century.

  3. The west has supported so many dictators in the emerging third world nations over the past 100 years that you would think we would know better, but we don’t.

    My guess is that the French have seen two sides to the issue and have backed who they perceive will give them the most cash, oil or other resources in exchange. Remember that France supported Duvalier in Haiti and I seem to recall that he is living in exile in France.

    The dreams of Gaddafi that Africa become totally Islamicized is becoming a reality thanks to gutless anti-freedom governments like the French and the US.

    In this war against terrorism, western leaders are loathe to admit that we are fighting Islam tooth and nail, just as Muslim terrorists are attacking us with all that they have. We should return the favour and cease hiding behind PC skirts.

    Had the Allies done the same things between 1939 and 1945, you can bet that Hitler’s Reich would have stood for a fair bit longer than it did. Perhaps it would have been on its way to its “thousand year reign”.

    Is this what is in store for us should Islam take control?

    That is a rhetorical question…

  4. RRWest remember what the allies did before the invasion of Poland, they gave into Hitler and let him take over the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia.

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