Class on Islam in Germany

I don’t have all the information on this yet. It appears to be a class being given to Muslims by Muslims on Islam in Germany. Not extremist Islam, just classic, run of the mill Islam. I hope to have details shortly. Meanwhile, here is the class.

To see how this directly relates to Islam in Canada, doubly so Toronto, please click over to this Blazing Cat Fur article.

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  1. They demand constant respect yet at the very same time even the “moderates” are intentionally inculcating bigotry in their young students? No wonder german muslims aren’t assimilating. They are indoctrinated from childhood to think of a religious slur whenever they see a non muslim!

    That’s what Kufar is. It is the exact same thing as a racial slur but used to denigrate and belittle people based upon their religion. Hence it is a RELIGIOUS SLUR.

    I can’t emphasise this enough. Kafir has the exact same socio-political purpose as the slurs for Kike Gook Fag, and the most vile slur of all- Nigger. That last slur is exactly what muslims hear when they hear “Kafir”. These people are essentially skinheads.

    In their minds they are the fat southern sherrifs and we are the uppity nigras who don’t know our place. That is how they are being taught to think about their fellow germans in this video.

    If sunday school teachers were teaching their students that the proper term for muslim was “towel head” there would be an uproar.

  2. This video should be required viewing in all schools, it won’t be because the it tells the truth about who is causing all of the problems and about how we must fight to retain our freedom.

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