‘Muslims are taught to hate America’: 9/11 Senate hearing descends into shouting match after activist testifies

MAILONLINE… A hearing on homeland security descended into a heated and angry dispute after an Arab-American activist testified that she was taught as a youngster to ‘hate Jews’ and ‘hate America’.

The debate over Islamic terror turned into a shouting match as Nonie Darwish, director of Former Muslims United, spoke at the State Senate committee meeting in New York.

One senator gripped a Koran in his and accused the human rights activist of spreading ‘hate and poison’ at the hearing held to study how vulnerable New York City is to another act of terror ten years after September 11.

‘Check what’s going on, it’s not a secret’ said Ms Darwish, who was educated in Egypt and came to the U.S. in 1978.

‘The education of Arab children is to make killing of certain groups of people not only good, it’s holy,’ she said.

‘It is horrendous. They don’t leave your mind to think for itself. You’re supposed to hate Jews. You’re supposed to hate America. You’re supposed to hare Western culture.’

Senator Eric Adams, a Brooklyn Democrat, interrupted, holding up a copy of the Koran.

‘This is offending this hearing by having her here. This is not our enemy. You’re bringing hate, hate and poison into a diverse country.’

Committee chairman Greg Ball, a Putnam Republican, told Mr Adams to be quiet and suggested he was playing to the TV cameras.

‘I’m glad no one is between those TV cameras and you because that’s the most dangerous place in New York City right now,’ he said.

The shouting match frustrated some lawmakers. Senator Martin Golden, a Brooklyn Republican, said: ‘I want to get back to what this is all about. Homeland security is about the future of this city and this state, to make sure that we’re safe.’

Senator Marty Golden, another Brooklyn Republican, added: ‘This, obviously, is her assessment, how she was brought up in life. It doesn’t have anything to do with the good Muslim Americans who live in this country.’

Actually it has everything to do with Muslims in America as their beliefs and teachings all come from the same source as those taught in the Middle East. But lets not let facts interfere with narrative.

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  1. The shocking thing isn’t the shouting match, it is the fact that Nonie was allowed to testify at all, the Dems set this hearing up to be a show trial of the members of the House that held hearings into the radicalization of the Moslems in the US. I wonder who slipped up and let a honest witness into the hearings?

  2. The lapdogs and apologists of Islam are alive and well, and will continue to stifle any discussion contrary to their agenda of groveling to the Islamic community. Most of these liberal, leftist politicians routinely prostitute themselves out for a few cheap votes. They are feckless and have no shame.

  3. Muslims get offended over every little thing. They even see offence when there isn’t any. They demand that the world show them respect, but they don’t show respect in return. They have desecrated other people’s holy sites, and they burn symbols that are important to us such as our flags. Sunni and Shias have blown up the other’s mosques.

    The hatred and lies about Jews are widespread in the muslims world such as the teaching of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and TV shows that make Jews look like evil monsters. But if you question them on this, you are the one who is accused of bigotry?

  4. The presence of moderate Muslims is irrelevant, because their religion forbids
    Muslims from criticizing other Muslims. There have always been Muslims who prefer to follow the peaceful, abrogated, teachings of the early part of the revelation, but they have never tried to stop those who carry out the violent teachings of the latter part. Some do it, some don’t, but –
    there is only one Islam.

  5. You are right Paula, there is only one Islam when push comes to shove the “moderate” Moslems will become rabid supporters of jihad to avoid being called un-Moslem and killed. The West isn’t at way against Islam, but Islam is at war against the west, a fact we have to accept and start fighting back or we will be destroyed.

  6. Muslims who do not want to risk their lives in violent jihad against the kufar can practice fard abaya, which gives them an “out”. Fard abaya means that the person who is practicing it is allowing another to wage jihad on their behalf. Its terrorism by proxy.

    Lets see how that little tidbit of information is (not) sneaked into the hearings.

    Or takkiya, or kitman, or hudnu, or… You name the abominable practice that is justified under sharia law and is performed against non-Muslims, it probably won’t find its way into the hearings at all. It would expose too much of the Islamic ideology to the masses and cause riots on all sides.

  7. These hearings are not really doing much good, at least the House Unamerican Activities committee exposed real dangers and people who were working to destroy the US.

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