Bill Maher on the Koran burning

I would like to add my own thoughts to all these people who dismiss Pastor Jones as some kind of kook or intolerant fringe nutbag.

In the 1960s, huge numbers of women burned their brassieres as symbols of oppression of women. I would challenge each and every women who did that, and every person who agrees or even understands that action to read the Koran and tell me which is the larger symbol of the oppression of women. Keep in mind, that it is a safe bet that every one of those women who burned their bras were wearing one again within a year or two, if not that afternoon.

H/T Gates of Vienna.

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  1. And some of our best ideas are developed as we disagree.

    The other side all go goose-stepping along following one mullah’s vision of what Allah wants; they say that if one begins to think for oneself, one becomes an infidel.

    That part, they got right.


  2. There’s actually no evidence that women ever burned their bras in mass protest. It’s a myth.
    That doesn’t diminish your point, however.

  3. Calling a spade a spade. Bill is ok. The left wing facist racist’s favourite peadophiles are shown up for the muslim desert pirates they are by Bill.

  4. Sometimes Bill Maher sees pretty clearly: the drunken dad who beats up his children, and how you don’t blame the kids for getting him mad, you blame the dad for being a violent drunk. That pretty much makes the point as far as I can see. It’s those zany Taliban Muslims that are to blame for the violence, not the people who anger them by refusing to obey their commands. Patraeus has to say what he has to say, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Muslims are deploying a gambit against the West, just like a fork or a skewer in chess, and the minute we stop burning Qurans, they will have been successful. They are trying to impose Pakistani-style blasphemy laws on the entire world; Reverend Jones doesn’t want that to happen.

  5. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you because I get a lot of tips on things from your blog (and Blazing Cat Fur, which is also amazing)!

  6. @Chris Jones,

    I really do like Bill Maher. I think he is very smart, although, I do disagree with him a lot.


    I completely agree. This is now my favorite blog since the articles are always relevant to what’s really going on in the world.

  7. Willy Maher IS some kind of kook or intolerant fringe nutbag. One only has to guess whether this is all just a schtick for him or does he really believe most of the loony extremist views he bloviates regularly on? The irony is too thick here though for anyone to see it, I guess.

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