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4 Replies to “‘Asian’ gang savagely beats white British kid in racist attack yet no charges of racism or racially agrevated attack filed”

  1. The manner in which Henry and his family have been treated by the school, the CPS and the media has been disgusting. I recall when this attack happened, and whereas such a crime against a member of an ethnic minority or a Muslim would have been national headline news for the BBC, this crime was largely ignored. It was instead, buried away in local news headlines.

    I am constantly appalled at the manner in which specifically Muslim crime is covered up in England. Witness the Charlene Downes case. It has now come to light, that another 60 underage English girls have been sexually abused by ‘non-white adult males’ working in takeaways in Blackpool. Although the reports are coy about revealing the identities of these men, it’s pretty clear from the manner in which they are written, as well as the mention of towns where systematic paedophile abuse has taken place, that they are Muslims: http://durotrigan.blogspot.com/2011/04/blackpool-60-underage-white-girls.html

    And yet our schools continue to brainwash our children into thinking that Islam is all sweet, fluffy and innocent. It’s criminal.

  2. Incidents like this are why the anti-Moslem parties are gaining so many recruits, they are also why the political class are messing their pants because their multicultural policies are shown to be failing and the politicians jobs are threatened.

  3. You know, those British Labor MPs have played some extremely nasty tricks on the voting public. I mean, they’ve admitted to fast-tracking immigration in order to get votes away from the Tories. That’s treasonous, damn it! That’s crossing the line. Their lust for power exceeds their desire to do good for their own country. They are willing to wreck the place in order to assure that they always get in. That’s not how it’s supposed to work!

  4. Chris the lefts lust for power has always exceeded their desire to do good for their country, remember most politicians (especially left wing ones) are lawyers who couldn’t make a living in private practice and who are now using political office to increase their self esteem telling other people how to live their lives. To them power is the end and nothing, including what is best for their country comes before personal power.

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