STRATFOR: Israel: Conflict With Gaza Imminent – Minister


April 5, 2011
Israeli Minister of Public Security Yitzhak Aharonovitch said Israel and Gaza are on the verge of a conflict akin to Operation Cast Lead, Xinhua reported April 5, citing Israeli Radio. Aharonovitch also warned residents of southern Israel to expect more rocket attacks from Gaza. The statements follow another round of mortar fire from the Palestinians and an Israeli soldier’s killing a Palestinian who ventured too close to the fence that separates Gaza from Israel. An adviser to Aharonovitch affirmed the sincerity of the minister’s statements.

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  1. If Israel is going to act they had better do it soon and before Egypt starts their election. That makes me think the Muslim Brotherhood will tell Hamas to start a war with Israel and keep it going so as to help the Muslim Brotherhood’s chances of winning an eletction.

    To be on the safe side Israel should remove the Hamas presence from Gaza completely.

    The civilians in Gaza lost my sympathy when they voted for Hamas even though they knew their stance on Israel’s right to exist. They decided, they voted so they are partially responsible for the result of that vote.

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