Russian TV news clip on the Libyan refugees in Italy

Thanks to Danishgreatdane for translating this clip for us.

I post this clip because it mentioned the burning of the Catholic Church by the Muslim ‘refugees’ from Libya and North Africa to the Italian Island. I put ‘refugees’ in single quotes because in every picture and video it is all young males of fighting age. No children, older people or women whatsoever. This is rather peculiar for a large group of refugees I suspect.

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5 Replies to “Russian TV news clip on the Libyan refugees in Italy”

  1. Vlad, Good Day!
    It’s an unfortunate mistake, but the video is not in Russian.
    Likely Belarusian or Bulgarian language.
    Do you understand Russian?

  2. Pavel no I do not. Do you know if the translation is correct? I sent it to the fellow who usually does the translation for me from Russia and he didn’t say anything about it, just sent it back to me in English.

  3. When will Europeans wake up and stop letting Muslim Barberians into their continent? In God’s name, what are they waiting for?!…
    Muslims are unfit to live in Western Society. They are brainwashed Savages that ( not: who) must be removed from our midst… no Ifs, Buts or Maybes.
    Out they go, peaceably or otherwise, but GO they must!

  4. Wait for it; all cathedrals, synagogues and other western cultural sites will be targeted by Muslims who see these as “evidence” of anti-Islamic efforts.

    Please note: yes, many of the great cathedrals were built as a sign of solidarity with their faith. Many of the great museums and tourist attractions in Europe as elsewhere celebrate western values and modernity. And if that means they are anti-Islam, then so be it. We need more of them, fewer mosques.

  5. RRWest it needs to be noted as well that when Muslims speak of “defending their faith” they mean something quite different than the image it conjures, and this of course is by design. Defending the faith in Islam, means destroying all things that are offensive to it, and all things which inhibit Islamic rule of the land.

    ‘Defence’, much like ‘Marriage’ or ‘rape’ are highly proprietary terms for Islam which are more rhetorical devices than they are meaningful.

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