Libyan rebel commander: “Cut Gaddafi’s throat, then establish an Islamic state”

From Jihad Watch:

I tried to tell you. Here is yet more evidence that Obama’s action in Libya is aiding the jihad: “Libyan Rebel Commander: ‘Cut Gaddafi’s Throat, Then Establish an Islamic State’: While American intelligence experts search for “flickers” of jihadist involvement in the Libyan rebellion, a French reporter on a brief visit to eastern Libya had no problem finding numerous jihadists on the front,” by John Rosenthal in Pajamas Media, April 4 (thanks to Paul):

“The Jihadists Go to the Front.” This is the title of French journalist Julien Fouchet’s report from eastern Libya that appears in the latest edition of the French Sunday paper Le Journal du Dimanche (JDD). Whereas American officials have been straining to make out “flickers” of intelligence suggesting a jihadist influence in the eastern Libyan rebellion against the rule of Muammar al-Gaddafi, Fouchet encountered a flagrant jihadist presence and met with participants who talked openly about their dedication to jihad and/or their desire to establish an Islamic state.

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2 Replies to “Libyan rebel commander: “Cut Gaddafi’s throat, then establish an Islamic state””

  1. Maybe the CIA operatives are working under the directive: “See no Islam, hear no Islam, speak no Islam” that the US has imposed on most of its intelligence agencies.

    Thanks Sultan Obama, you’re doing your best for jihad all over the world.

    So why isn’t this guy “outed” yet?

  2. If the jihadi’s can show martyrs during the overthrow of Gadaffi then they own a piece of whatever is to come next. This is the culture and it is 100% predictable. [If you care to look]

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