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  1. The coalition between “revisionist” and muslim “anti-zionist” is not new.
    A few months ago i did some investigation the Dutch “green-left”politician Arjan el Fassed, who is a co-founder of Al-adwa.

    Here in Dutch: http://www.artikel7.nu/?p=46045

    and here the google translation:

    The leftist coalition with anti-Semitism

    Al-Awda: The Rigth to be Anti-Semite Coalition.

    The glorification of suicide bombings, the gush of known Holocaust deniers, in secret alliances with extreme right-wing organizations – it keeps the European left is not an openly anti-Semitic cart tensioned.
    One of these left parties is Green, a Palestinian activist, Arjan El Fassed namely, the second House has won. He was one of the founders of al-Adwa. Arjan El Fassed this is discredited (http://www.dagelijksestandaard.nl/2010/12/apartheid-nazis-en-genocide-het-redelijke-electronic-intifada/) after an NGO Monitor was complaining about the fact that Electronic Intifada subsidized by the Dutch government. This grant is provided by the ICCO and Arjan El Fassed came under fire as one of the founders of Electronic Intifada. After more extensive at this person to the light came out that he was involved in more clubs than his resume indicated by green left. Thus, one of which concealed activities, co-founding of al-Adwa, (the Palestine Right to Return Coalition), also known as PRRC.

    Al-Adwa is an organization that among other things, engaged in organizing conferences where important leaders of Palestinian politics (PA and Hamas) show up. In 2009 there was a conference in Milan. Since starting our research.

    Milan 2009, the Palalido Hall. It is already the seventh European conference organized by Al-Awda. The crowd go mad (video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfg3nda4avo) when one is announced Sheikh, namely, Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the Islamic Movement of Israel. He is famous for spreading tales of blood and is also sponsor of Hamas. He accuses Jews of using children’s blood to bake bread (see quote).

    “We have never allowed ourselves to knead it [the dough for] breaking bread in the holy fasting month of Ramadan with their children blood,” he said. “Who wants a more thorough explanation, let him ask what used to happen with a number of children in Europe, whose blood was mixed with the dough of the (Jewish) holy bread.”

    Al-Adwa invites more such leaders in Palestinian politics from its conferences. They had in 2007 alongside the Palestinian Brit George Galloway to the PA affiliated Sharia expert

    Sheikh Tayseer Al Tamimi (video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Tl3_DWSmgk) quoted below are invited by the curse of the Jews did (see quote below):

    “The Jews are Destined to be persecuted, humiliated, and Tortured forever, and it is a Muslim duty to see to it That They Reap Their due. No petty arguments must be allowed to divide us. Where Hitler failed, we must Succeed. ”

    Also, for example, in 2000 the first Al-Awda event graced by a speech by the Imam Abdul Alim Musa American.

    Al-Awda, organizer of Anti-Israel activities

    Al-Awda is an association founded in 2000, just before the second intifada broke out. They present themselves as a major organizer of anti-Israel activities in both the U.S. as in Europe and join every activity hoc coalitions. During these actions / meetings are regularly made comparisons between Zionism and Nazism and accused Israel is guilty of ethnic cleansing, genocide and apartheid. Comparisons with the Holocaust are also widely used. Also, defending these activists violent resistance against Israelis, including suicide attacks on innocent civilians. In principle they proclaim to start from a state they invariably mention Palestine. They demand the return of all refugees so, creating a Palestine will arise with an Arab majority. A requirement that Israelis will never agree to, since the actual end of Israel will mean.

    The organization focuses on three different activities:

    1. Organizing lectures and conferences: In both the U.S. and Europe, they are organizing regular meetings at universities, which led to an increase in anti-Semitic incidents in schools now forced to drastic measures (also see the video: Anti -Israel or anti-Semitic?). Once a year in organizing al-Awda convention centers / sports conferences (pdf) which include previously mentioned anti-Semites were invited, but also Dutch leaders of the anti-Israel movements say they did. This despite the fact that the organization had invited a number of Hamas leaders such as Ismail Haniyeh (who glorified suicide bombers in this video) which then Minister Maxime Verhagen at the last minute withdrew his visa. (Haniyeh, the Conference still speak via satellite link)

    2. Forming coalitions: in other Palestinian organizations, but also with left-wing groups are attracted by the militant nature of the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli state. Thus, many left-wing political parties with this club (in the Netherlands that Green Left, the SP, SAP, PvdA, the IS, but also for example Dries van Agt of the CDA collaborates regularly with the team and even spoke in 2007 by Al-Awda conference organized to the Goals. They are now afraid not to with extreme national socialist, anti-globalist, and terrorist organizations to work together. revisionists also enthuse them regularly, both in word and in deed. So were they are involved in organizing conferences with known Holocaust deniers (the revisionists).

    3. The manipulation of the news flow: Al-Awda plays a major role in coordinating and distributing colored by their reporting on the Palestinian issue to media and supporters increased. Electronic Intifada plays where Arjan El Fassed was involved, as eNewspaper (internet newspaper) of the organization a key role. Very early (in the time of the still crackling phone modems) after the discovery of the internet she identified with Al-Awda the possibilities of this medium and were always looking for this to work for their struggle. So she created such a range of groups and social networking profiles through the familiar, such as the beginning of this century in the popular U.S. “Yahoo Groups”. Mazin Qumsiyeh’s website can be read that in yahoo groups that use a kind of hierarchy. So they know for instance separate groups in which 550 people participate (only accessible after launch) to 50 groups that admit persons and groups where a maximum of 25 people apply (for leaders and organizers). Nowadays they use to promote their publications and activities including networking profiles like Facebook (googling shows over 67,000 results), My Space, and the Dutch Hyves. Also of video channels (such as You-tube) is used. These networking sites to put them in the international recruitment of activists and distributing anti-Israel material. They also make use of newsletters, which they in large numbers around spamming on the Internet. Communicate also done through this (often closed) communities. They give each other tips on how you can perform actions, provide links and press releases and other articles and books to recommend. In essence, this is where this club was all about in the beginning, creating forums and networks where activists can meet, and the advertising of anti-Israel propaganda through all the channels the Internet offers. On some primitive forerunner of Electronic Intifada addameer activists can be found that they ask for any action or reporting that they are about to come forward so that it releases to devote to both the website and through mailing lists. Order to generate much attention as possible for these items. Also, all news and articles about Israel and the Palestinians is thus transmitted. They sort it out and posting them via the ‘Yahoo groups, where other activists that in turn could send to their own network. These are mailed via the mailing lists in order to keep supporters informed.

    In 2000, in which the al-Awda network still in its infancy and eNewspaper of movement (Electronic Intifada) still had to be said Arjan El Fassed commented:

    “Although Hanthala * 1” only exists in cyberspace, “with” an email address and a website, “in the words of one of the people involved, coordinate aid with other networks, some of which exist on the ground. Individual activists, linked via the Internet, a network called Al-Awda (The Return), which organized demonstrations in Washington and London on September 17 and 16, for example. “So when the fighting in Palestine burst,” said activist Arjan El Fassed, “we of Al-Awda were busy planning other actions and all the infrastructure was already there.” Via Al-Awda, the local action committees in the U.S. and Europe, “were demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinians and against Israeli aggression planned and organized. “The demonstrations, again, received little prime-time coverage, but it was for anyone with access to a computer to view the images of the event.”

    We make a leap in time, it’s around 2003. Al-Awda has gained a foothold in the ground in major cities of both the U.S. and Europe. They have already formed coalitions with existing organizations and leftist political parties claim to as host (usually in the background) force behind conferences and demonstrations around the Palestinian issue.

    Jim Berger of the American “Green Party” is one of the coalition and that he feels wet. He describes his concerns in an emotional email that he sent a question to all party members:

    “Al-Awda is implicitly anti-Semitic and anti-Semitic real connections. We chose to not have this painful dispute at the meeting to start, but it is important and it must be said and shown. I realize that some of you reading this will find it very unpleasant, but I ask you to do so in order. The implicit and explicit anti-Semitism of Al-Awda should be recognized. ”

    In it he gives the example of activist Fadia Rafeedie, one of the leading activists in the al-Awda movement, during one, along with leftist groups action, event organized by Al-Awda is put forward as a speaker during a joint action by the on that occasion formed coalition.

    “As a student, Fadia sent a letter to a fan site dedicated to Holocaust denial, which she writes:” I had just happened on your page and was really impressed. Mainly by the width of the articles you posted. “It appears that websites that denies the Holocaust is much anti-Israel material disposal. Fadia asked if a letter from a friend of her uncle, who in an Israeli prison, was heading, and this was done. Fadia later claimed that she did not know that Bradley Smith’s site dedicated to Holocaust denial, but this claim is not credible. The site clearly identifies himself and his character and purpose are unmistakable.
    Rafeedie was co-editor of a website called “The Free Arab Voice, a site that hosts amazingly disgusting content. It contains essays on Holocaust denial and “the myth of the gas chambers” a petition that endorses suicide bombing, and a short David Letterman-like list entitled “Ten reasons why” Israeli “Jews Kosher goals.”

    These are strong statements by Jim Berger. Let’s get into that dive. Google gives you when “The Free Arab Voice” introduces this page as a result, where one can read right away:

    Dear Readers of the Free Arab Voice

    We are proud to present to you a penetrating piece That Goes Into the personal and political makings of a human bomb. Hujayra al ‘Arabi Portray the role a human bomb in the offing to deliver a simple, yet very eloquent, message. She makes no apologies for the state of mind, our people s been driven into. Rather, she Seeks to drive the point home by Avoiding the third person. It’s is I, the human bomb herself, who speaks to you now … Began Hujayra Galanthus ..

    The Free Arab Voice

    To All Our Martyrs, Past, Present and Future
    Your Light can not be Extinguished

    Confessions of a Human Bomb from Palestine
    by Hujayra al ‘Arabi
    Dedicated to my Brothers and Sisters in Resistance in Iraq and in the Arab Nation

    I do not want to die. I am not in love with death. I am not just “half in love with easeful death” like the English poet. I want to live. I want to have a home filled with children, and I Still Want to Be a Doctor. From the age of about six, I dreamed of Becoming a Doctor or beingable to save lives. I wanted to do something real That Would save the lives of my people.

    Also found on the website include a “Revisionist Database (database of all articles of known Holocaust deniers) and there you can also download the books of the revisionists.

    Fadia Rafeedie that is so engaged is not accidental. Read here, for example the email exchange in which Edward Said joined the al-Awda supporters to apologize after he had expressed his disapproval of a planned conference of Holocaust deniers in Beirut, and here’s how Paul Grubach call to action against the threatened expulsion of Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf, after an extradition request from Germany.

    Back to Milan. Two years earlier (2001) was in Milan, by negligence of the participants Al-Awda-Italia@yahoogroups.com, a mailing list revealed that Wahhabis, Nazis and extreme right-wing socialists / communists on the basis of their shared hatred for America and Israel had entered into a coalition. Some of these groups wanted the leaders of the anti-globalization movement off to replace them with more extremist leaders. There were hundreds of reports found that the most extreme anti-American sentiments expressed with overt anti-Jewish propaganda to promote the mass murder of Jews. This incident gave the explanation for what happened during previous anti-Jewish demonstrations in Rome, where anti-globalization youths dressed as suicide bombers marched and shouted “Intifada until victory”.

    The Al-Awda Division in Italy was jointly led by the extreme right-wing Miguel Guillermo Martínez-Ball and anti-Zionist activist Susanne Scheidt (website). While Scheidt is a former militant group of extreme German Marxist, Martinez has antecedents in the neo-Nazi struggle. Hamza Roberto Piccardo also appeared concerned, secretary of the UCOII, a front organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. Piccardo (active rather for “Autonomia operaia” a Marxist guerrilla group) has previously spoken and written repeatedly voiced his enthusiastic support for suicide attacks.

    In this light it is not surprising that publications Arjan El Fassed regularly Nazi and extremist websites appear. Embarrassing is that a second deputy and are apparently not necessary to find his publications on websites, the complete eradication of the Jewish people propagandize, to summon to remove it. (Example 1, 2, 3, 4) Arjan el Fassed declared itself opposed Carel Brendel that his activities in 2001 for Al-Awda stopped. He also claimed that he had been years since working for Electronic Intifada. Whether he has been involved or Electronic Lebanon Electronic Iraq is not clear from his statement. But he still give the Advisory Badil sit. A magazine published quarterly. A brief look at the website of the magazine shows that Badil works closely with al-Awda. He also indicates that the Al-Awda division in Vlaardingen, where he would be speaking in March 2010 would have nothing to do with the same department in the U.S.. But if you know that the international conference in the Goals was organized by the Department of Vlaardingen al-Awda, where the Palestinian and former terrorist Ibrahim Al-Baz is active, known as the Dutch leader of the al-Awda movement , again not sure this statement.

    That left frustrated in their hunt for the total power means no warning, many people were already clear. So it is now well known that links from Timbuktu if necessary their massive import to voters but to get an extra armchair. That they thus their “ungrateful” original supporters completely (from the Rotterdam youth under 14 years is already over 62% Hispanic) from the old working class neighborhoods drive, without the slightest remorse about it, surprised today are no more. But we also see that they will be just as easily take the plunge with clubs who are after a total holocaust can surely be called a shocking new low. And just hoping to glean some extra votes in districts where the average native is hardly dares to show. I do not think I exaggerate when I say that left a present danger to our democracy is Dutch.

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