Column by Andrew Bolt

There have been some articles published lately I would wish you to read and for which I would like to thank the authors. On legal advice, I cannot even alert you to them. In fact, to better protect my right to speak, I cannot allow readers even to comment on this cryptic post.

Andrew Bolt

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 at 07:11am

The post above, being the sum total of the column by Australia’s Andrew Bolt, should give readers here a fairly good idea of the condition of freedom of speech in Australia.

Eeyore for Vlad

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4 Replies to “Column by Andrew Bolt”

  1. Coming to a western media outlet near you.

    This is chilling, and you can bet every dollar you have who is the main threatening agent against Andrew’s blog.

    Hint: the group’s name rhymes with “is ham”…

  2. I would like to contact Andrew Bolt in order to convey to him the perspective of a self-funded retiree on the ill-conceived carbon tax.
    Could you please let me have his email address?

  3. You have it wrong ‘Eeyore for Vlad’

    A case or matters arising from it, cannot be discussed out side of the court, whilst the case is running

    That’s the law and the same in Britian . I would have thought Canada too

  4. At the moment Andrew Bolt enjoys the protection that a massive audience brings him. I fear for him if he were ever to fall from public favor because the attack dogs are primed and ready to spring. Long may you run, Bolta!
    Andrew has alerted many of us to the precarious situation we Australians live with, vis a vis ‘free speech’. We have no guarantees or rights in that area as commonly understood.
    Andrew is currently before the Court because of a vilification action based on aboriginal identity. That is not to say RRWest is not correct in fingering his main enemy. He is persona non grata in the islamic community. Then again, who isn’t?

    Our fight against islam seems to be three small hard won steps forward followed by one giant stride backwards. Islam would be marginalised in Australia if it were not for the enabling Leftists who currently have us by the throat. WE drown in PC and tolerance.

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