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8 Replies to “Ted.com lecture on STUXNET”

  1. The Israelis run circles around the US when it comes to cyber-anything. Most of the advances in hi-tech during the last 10 years come out of Israel. I say that Israel should take down every power plant, every factory, every communications system, every internet system in Muslim countries who have threatened her and send them all back to the 7th century and to the desert sands from whence they came!

  2. However, they do need to evolve away from Kosher meat. Kosher killing is similiar to halal killing and is not something we are very keen on in the Congo. We have done away with cannibalism and are now on a strictly vegan diet. Something the Congo can teacht the high-tech isrealies.

  3. I don’t think there is anything that I want to learn from the Congolese. Sorry! I’d rather sit down to a steak dinner in a civilized country than be a vegan in the nightmare that is the Congo!

  4. And kosher slaughter is NOTHING like halal slaughter. Kashrut was the very first system of humane slaughter and the very first system of food safety. As usual, the Jews were thousands of years ahead of the rest of the world thousands of years ago.

  5. I am afraid I am going to side with Vegan Congolese on this one. I love the jews more than anyone but kosher and halal well it is not for me. Did you know a muslim can eat kosher meat. I am a meat eater myself but the way they kill an animal is not humane by modern standards were stunning is used. Cutting the throat of a sentient animal and allowing it to witness itself dieing for about five minutes in the case of a cow is not something that is good. With the throat box cut but the spinal column still intact the cow wants to scream but can not and has to endure the spectacle of its own bleeding to death.

  6. I’m with you there. What is the point in having animal cruelty laws, or any laws at all for that matter, if you are going to make exceptions for groups of people on the basis of irrational superstition. If Jews have to eat meat that has been Koshered, then move to Israel. Same with halal. Doubly so for halal except please don’t move to Israel in that case.

  7. On the topic of halal which is often on the supermarket shelves because it is cheaper without being labbelled so it is imperative that people should check carfully what they buy. Unless I am 100 percent sure I am not eating halal I do not buy it. The cheapness of halal comes due to the fact that the operation of stunning having being removed cuts a cost out of the process of meat rendering. A huge saving. Economics rule. Meat producers love to cut cost ruthlessly. They are literally in a cutting business to so it is a case of halal having provided them with a new way of cutting costs and they are foregoing the stunnning process because of culteral sensitivity to muslims and islam etc. Rubbish they want more profits but guess what they are halping the jihad as halal meat means more jobs for muslims, more prayer rooms in abbatoirs and more halal inspectors. All that profit goes to fund the jihad that will cut our throats. I urge all our posters to make an informed choice when they buy meat and if they are not sure go for a healthy salad for a change. Both the initial posters however, will not be funding jihad. One is kosher and the other is vegan. I have issues with kosher on the grounds of cruelty but then it is true that it is not on the supermarket shelves without us knowing it and is therefore not funding the demise of the noble Kuffar.

  8. I have now decided the only safe option for me to get away from stealth halal is pork and fish. I am not a veggie and do not want to be but I can in no way be implicated in finacing the jihad.

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