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5 Replies to “Pakistani interior minister on a likely reaction to burning a Koran”

  1. I might light my fire with the koran firelighters. However, I would not cleanse my arse in case I caught BSTR. The rop is a religion of pedo’s and dancing boys.

  2. It is time for the West to awake from its Emperor’s-New-Clothes nightmare. It is time for right-thinking people everywhere to identify vocally and forthrightly the Qur’an as vile, pernicious and destructive and to burn copies of it in high-profile fashion on a daily basis. It is time for the slaves of Allah to break their mental shackles and to think and judge rationally and to act independently and productively as befits their human nature. It is time for pigs the world over to spread their grubby, stubby trotters and to take high, majestic flight.

  3. What a loser is this guy. We have seen the worst of his jihad and we are still standing. What a moron.. Show us what else you got. Talk and more talk. The US fires rockets in your country at will. Your koran is burnt. Your prophet is mocked on the internet and may be among the most hated characters on the entire net. He is ridiculed as the peadophile prophet. Your koran is not just burnt it is blended with a high speed blender on youtube. Come on Mr what are you going to do.

  4. Venanegro: Don’t forget made into a candle, that was my favourite part. I am thinking of selling Korandles on line. Be a good name for a pub as well.

  5. Eeyore, your summation of Islam is priceless!

    You can burn Torahs, Bibles, Hindu and Buddhist scriptures and the people will re-group, remember and re-write. But not Muslims, who will go so far as arrest non-Muslims for merely touching a koran.

    Muslim “faith” is built on fear, the fear that their leaders will chop their heads off if they leave, or mutilate them for questioning the despots. They live under the constant yoke of an ideology that has never allowed self-reflection or freedom of conscience which are the true hearts of any religion. Everything is dictated to them by their leaders down to the way in which they wipe their asses!

    I have studied Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto, Judaism, Christianity and even neo-paganism and none of them have the built-in extremes of irrationality that Islam has. None of these religions preach outward hatred as much as Islam does. And none of them are stuck in the pre-Medieval mind-set that does not ask: “what will you die for?’ but “what will you kill for?” which is the central idea behind jihad.

    Thanks for summing up Islam’s lack of backbone in one simple sentence. It explains the utter fanaticism and cowardice that Muslim terrorists exhibit every day, all over the world.

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