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8 Replies to “George Galloway well exposed.”

  1. Under Sedition, Piracy and Treason Laws, Galloway the Hamass loving yet Jew hating Marxist could and should be arrested, put on trial and hung or similar. And a $25 pound fine. l’ll bring the popcorn and other refreshments. No, really. Colonel Neville.

  2. This ‘person’ is an abomination.

    He is the most hatefilled windbag imaginable

    I’ve had a couple of run-ins with him on his blog. I don’t think I have ever experienced such rudeness and insults in my life.

  3. Not really my field as an anthropoligist studying the tribal makeup of the Congo, but I will wade in anyhow. George Galloway would make a tasty snack for quite a few of the tribes I have studied. I may take him along when next I go to the Congo. He is such an egotist that an honoury degree from the uni should clinch the deal; and then bon apetite my friends, a tasty hypocrite will satisfy those hunger pangs.

  4. Liars are rewarded in this cult of islam, there is a liars smirk you see on both these faces,
    similar to the smirk of ignatieff and mcguinty, who both speak out of both sides of their mouths

    I finally figured out , one of the main historical motivations behind continuing degredation of women, lack of development and advancement, among a million other reasons, but
    the asian-arab men are so fn ugly, iinside and out, and that the only way they could ever keep women or get them interested in the first place is in a situation of total submission

  5. Veteran Negrologist when will you stop peddling your bigoted lies. I am from the Congo and there are lots of people like me who are vegan in the Congo. In fact all the tribes in the congo are vegan. Congolese and Vegan and Proud!

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