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24 Replies to “Remember this Swedish rape victim? The Somali Muslim immigrant who did it has now raped an 84 year old.”

  1. notice his criminal record:.

    2003: Indited for a fraud.
    2004: Treatement in socialtjänsten- as a serious knife assault on Resecentrum in Skövde. Åtalsunderlåtelse för stöld. Två year end ungdomsvård serious rape and robbery towards Jenny Lemon in Gothenburg.
    2007: Två year jail för threats and three fall av robberies in Falun.

  2. Blair, my ignorance of islam began to end in 2006, when I saw that picture and the article from Front Page Magazine that featured it, which also included the response from imams to naive “cries for help” from the equally ignorant Scandinavian natives who welcomed such scum within their borders: that un-tented women are ASKING FOR RAPE.

    Not long after that, I found myself chatting about the sickening topic with a friend, who happens to be a veteran from the Six-Day War. And he told me, based on what he’d seen and heard through his contact with mahoundians when he lived in Egypt, and later Israel, that no penis-possessing black-cube worshipper was ever to be responsible for its (not his) actions in the presence of un-tented women. And we both also wondered what tolerance would be left in Europe for women, homosexuals and non-muslims if Europeans continued to welcome and tolerate the most intolerant living creatures on this planet.

  3. Sweden has become a pathetic country run by PC Idiots, who are handing the country over to Muslim Mentals. The indigenous Swedes, especially the helpless women, and with the tacit blessing of the Swedish Government, are being targeted at will by subhuman invaders from Islamic Stinkholes.
    Swedish men must take matters into their own hands, and start dishing out some good, old-fashioned vigilante justice to any Muslim POS who rapes and abuses any of their women.
    What are they waiting for?!…

  4. Back in 18th century England the penalty for rape was death by hanging.

    Too bad the gutless Swedes don’t do the same thing today for these things masquerading as men. By “things” you all know what group of people I mean.

    Muslim men who come from countries where the women are repressed and they aren’t allowed to look at them without head gear or full-body coverings can’t control themselves when they land in the free world. Its as if their hormones are constantly raging and many can’t seem to keep their hands or other parts of their bodies to themselves.

    Jung and Freud were right; that which is repressed will come back to bite you. In the case of Muslim men in the west, this is absolutely true for millions. Too bad what it tends to bite are innocent women.

  5. Why is the piece of dog manure still stinking out Swedish streets? Where are the so-called Swedish men?

    Geert Wilders is under armed guard in the Netherlands. Why is not this slime of excrement needing an armed guard?

  6. Don’t worry the liberal, leftist governments in the EU will still try to pass all of these horrific,violent rapes and assaults as ‘isolated incidents’ and ‘misunderstandings by people rapidly trying to adjust to another culture’. They will ask for calm and pander to the migrant groups and ignore the victims of the crimes. On top of that the bleeding heart liberals will do everything they can to invite more of these sub-human, inbred mutants into the EU, defying all common sense and reason.

  7. Big Frank you are right, and their attempts to cover up the problem is what is fueling the various defense leagues around the world, the more the political class tries to cover up the attacks by Moslems the more the defense leagues grow.

  8. It makes men seem like mindless animals with no self-control. Is this what they think of a man? If a man sees a women dressed in a certain way, he cannot control his urges? Insutling, crazy and barbaric.

  9. Proud Kafir,

    I’ve changed my viewpoint too in recent years. I find it sad, but that’s just the way it is. I’m sure there are some racist elements in the EDL and elements that just want to protect England. But, I respect the EDL for standing up to violent thugs, and they are the only ones willing to do this. This takes a lot of guts.

    50 years ago, British soldiers were cheered for in the streets. Now, they are told to “burn in hell” by Muslims. It’s really a crazy world we live in. So sad.

  10. dear morons,

    I think it’s funny how whenever a muslim/arab does something bad, about 10 de facto pro israel americans feel the need to ‘arab bash’ on the net. what about all the other rapes commited all across europe by the local inhabitants. why not show them too? hmm…

    funny thing is, when a jew commits a fraudulent crime (madoff?) you guys are suddenly silent with your posts lol. ya, why dont you visit israel and see how welcome you are when you tell them youre a christian there on pilgrimage lol. i know christians who went to israel for worship and were laughed at. try it. you might not like it.

    obviously, what happened to these girls is a horrible crime. rape anywhere is horrible. noone is denying that. but ill tell you what else is horrible. americans who come on these international forums and reinforce the stereotype of americans as being blindly pro-israel, ignorant, brash, arrogant, telling-swedes-how-to-run-their-country, thinking ‘the american way is the best way’ mentality. there’s a reason why europe is no longer liking americans..

    and who the hell are you to be telling swedes how to run their country, anyway? oh, i get it. you think swedes are stupid and need your great advice. ive got some news for you: america aint doin so great,kiddo.

    what you idiots dont realize is that everytime you ‘tell a country what to do’, youre only enforcing the ‘american bully’ stereotype which frankly is a pretty bad stereotype to have. im tired of reading posts by a pseudo-intellectual americans who think they are somehow enlightened in the ways of foreign affairs and *gasp* geography and therefore have to chime in with their rather small-minded views. you make americans like me look bad. so stop it.

    im american and happy to be from such a DIVERSE country because without DIVERSITY we wouldnt be the superpower we are today. But unlike you losers, Ive traveled the world and stepped outside my city and made friends with everyone, including muslims AND jews. you all dont even talk to muslims so obviously you wouldnt know what im talking about. most muslims ive met are actually pretty nice but your small brains would never know that, would ya? and no, all muslims dont hate jews nor anyone for that matter so stop posting your racist, redneck hillbilly rants.

    criminal behavior is criminal behavior wherever you go. it shouldnt be condoned. but what you posters definitely dont need to be doing is giving your advice to others on how to handle their domestic affairs. and to be fair, you should post a story about madoff. his crimes affected people all over the world, and will for a long, long time to come. yup, his 50 billion dollar ponzi scheme. wanna also talk about how bad that was?

    and heres some useful advice: turn off your biased tv news channels and make friends with people other than you. you might be surprised at what you learn.

    yes, the world is a pretty big place.

  11. truthbtold, maybe I’ll show the diversity of the world to you by shagging your ass in diverse ways? Just be tolerant and be patient for a little.

  12. Stupid idiotic Sweden !!!!
    There are 2 people that need to be on trial in this country, the rapist and the judge who is unable to protect Swedish woman from a Somali beast ! Sweden used to be the envy of the industrialized world, Today it is a joke, a nightmare for young and old woman. All because of Muslim immigration and stupid left wing politics for decades.

  13. Swedish men have no balls their country is not ruled by muslims as one might think. It is run by jews. Jews are the problem they let these muslims in so we can attack the muslims since muslims are their enemies. Jews are instigators they are doing all of this on purpose. They just want you to only focus on muslims so you will play their game.

  14. Ask yourself this. How does nonwhites get preferential treatment in the immigration policies? They can do whatever they want even make babies with the citizens of that country. Then go run back to their own country whether it be Israel,Pakistan,Afghanistan, most parts of Africa, or any other country. Yet you are not welcome to come in to live. How does this work? How long will these scam artist games go on?

  15. In their countries they will not allow it why only white countries?

  16. This is the mess that cultural marxists make trying to build a voter base with immigrants. Vote them out before it is too late and quit listening to their twisted bullshit. Get over your terror of being called a racist and realize what your own government is doing to you. Quit supporting the idiotic “liberal agenda” as if there is some great reward coming your way.

  17. Thomas they were commanded to forcibly convert all who would not willingly convert, that is why they are here.

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