Many dead, some beheaded in Afghanistan riots at UN building over burned book.

Here is a CTV clip on the riots with some out of date stats. Stratfor is reporting 20 dead in these riots. Mostly UN workers but some locals as well.

Below, a teaser from CTV news promising to show the story right after a short news break on Libya’s rebels. Five hours later, there is no sign of the story. But the teaser was interesting enough for me to play with a bit…

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12 Replies to “Many dead, some beheaded in Afghanistan riots at UN building over burned book.”

  1. And the creatures proved Terry Jones right. They never fail, do they? Once again why are we in Afghanistan? To support a fanatical islamic state?

  2. Why are we in Afghanistan?

    Answer: because we can not define the enemy

    Are there any kinda of statistics on how many actual Jaradist fighting the front lines doing the killing and fighting?

  3. Something that sails right over the average person’s head is the word “beheading”. People assume that it just means killing – very bad – but killing. Anyone who has seen one of these beheadings knows different. Being shot to death is a walk in the park compared to an Islamic beheading. They sound like a combination of a dog howling and a baby screaming – they are allowed to keep no part of their humanity as they die. Anyone who would do that to a living creature is simply evil. Islam has found a way to unlock the most terrible parts of the human psyche, they have found a way to produce serial killers at will and then turn them against their enemies like goddam zombies. Decent people must find a way to isolate themselves from Islam; we must build mile-high walls and keep them on the other side; we must not be afraid to kill them if we must in order to survive.

  4. I am a Muslim and I hate all these fucking so called Muslims. They don’t even fucking know the meaning of “JIHAD” and they fucking speak Arabic – it actually fucking means : self abstinence from doing bad things like cheating on your wife or some one else. I just wish all these fuckers are killed or dead. Sharia law can kiss my Muslim ass. And all these fuck turds killing (beheading) innocent people should be fucking raped by pigs and the whole world should watch ’em on live tv. So that the rest of the fucking so called beard hogging sheep fuckers can shut the fuck up out of fear and go back to their miserable little lives. Its not God or the prophet or the western civilization or anyone else for whom these sheep fuckers have a terrible life, but its because of their own lazy filled farm raised bullshit fuck heads. And they try to blame everyone else Mother fuckers!! I just wish I could get all these Mullahs in a fucking room. My most sincere apology goes to the rest of the world for these animals even existing.

  5. OxAO:
    It’s not just a question of how many of them are actually fighting us with guns. It is also a question how many ordinary Afghan citizens support Taliban and oppose our presence. No polls will ever tell us that. We just don’t know. The whole country is based on sharia law and we lend our support to it just by mere circumstances regardless whether we agree with that or not. That in my view puts our activities and objectives in that country in question. Our politicians (all like sheep) condemn Terry Jones but they are disgustingly silent when an Afghan is sentenced to death for leaving islam in Afghanistan right under our noses.

    Chris Jones:
    That’s a great point to realize. Very sad and very true.

  6. As usual the apologists in the MSM and the lapdogs of Islam in the administration have once again willfully deleted facts in their reporting, no mention of the horrific details of the beheading.

  7. @Jap
    What I was hoping to find was some kind of statistics on actually numbers of fighters and direct support people.
    For example if you take an average country today their military consists of about 0.1% of the population. If you take the polls below and give a ruff estimate of about 40% of the total Islamic population supports forced sharia law you should get a very ruff figure of about 600,000 that are actually directly fighting us throughout the world.

    Polls on support of suicide bombing:

    And a poll done for confidence in Osama:

    Don’t bother reading the newer reports pew research has stated that the governments of those countries choose their lists for them only the 2002 and 2003 reports are real polls (with the exception of Nigeria (has of 2007 when I last looked into this) Nigeria might be the only country to watch to see trends but obviously polling policy could change overnight.

  8. Most of the left wouldn’t believe them if they were reported and the moderates would start screaming about the details traumatizing any kids that heard them.

  9. @Skalin

    For those Muslims that want Islam to move out of barbarianism, I REALLY feel for you.
    And I am so sorry for you. But you best remember sooner or latter all of Islam will be the target out of necessity of survival of western civilization.

    Examples: in Nazi Germany it was a little over 40% of the German population that were actually part of the Nazi Party but we had to fight all of Germany to stop them because they had control over Germany as it would seem Islam will soon have control over the middle east.

    I know there is no comfort in what I am saying but what can western civilization do to stop this mess other then what I am pointing out?

  10. OXAO
    Sadly, you are right. They never showed us, in the old WWII movies, the German being bombed as he listens to Benny Goodman and dreams of visiting Oklahoma. You think that didn’t happen – a lot? War most definitely sucks and it isn’t fair, but we are at war with Islam at this very moment. Not just the Taliban or al Qaeda, but the religion of Islam. We must work up the nerve to say that out loud.

  11. Chris Islam is at war with us, so far we aren’t at war with Islam. I wish that we w0uld wake up and realize that we are in a war of survival and that the enemy is Islam but so far the left has managed to prevent that.

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