Terror suspect no ‘direct threat’ to Canadians: RCMP

CBC…A man who was arrested in Toronto on charges that he was to join to a Somali group deemed a terrorist organization by the federal government does not pose a “direct threat” to Canadians, RCMP say.

Mohamed Hassan Hersi, 25, arrested at Pearson International Airport without incident Tuesday evening and made a brief court appearance Wednesday morning in Toronto.

He was charged with attempting to participate in terrorist activity and with providing counsel to a person to participate in terrorist activity. He will remain in custody until a Friday morning bail hearing.

“There was nothing in the investigation that would suggest a direct threat to Canadians within Canada,” said RCMP Insp. Keith Finn at a news conference Wednesday afternoon in Toronto.

“However, the issue of radicalization and of people from Canada travelling overseas and receiving that type of further indoctrination and training remains a concern to the RCMP and our partners as far as national security is concerned.”

Finn could not discuss the specifics of the charges, saying they were before the courts and they would be revealed later.

It’s alleged Hersi was bound for Cairo after a stop in London, England. He was then due to travel to Somalia “to join [the militant group] al-Shabaab and participate in their terrorist activities,” RCMP allege.

His arrest comes after a joint investigation by the RCMP’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team and the Toronto Police Service’s intelligence division.

Below, a CTV video on the issue.

4 Replies to “Terror suspect no ‘direct threat’ to Canadians: RCMP”

  1. How assinine.

    Its the RCMP merely following the judge’s ruling, thats all.

    Yet in the PC climate of Canada, where murderers get less severe sentences than thieves, this is how justice is done. You let the terrorists go with a warning. When they bomb a public place or event, then you can say “he wasn’t a direct threat at the time”.

    The judges are merely appeasing an increasingly militant Muslim community to prevent more bloodbaths.

    Too bad we don’t hang traitors in public like we used to. It might be a bit of a deterrent.

    Then again, we are talking of people for whom death at the hands of kufar makes them martyrs to the cause. Well, if thats what they want, maybe we should oblige…

    Just granting their every wish for a speedy voyage to their moon-god, wherever he may be.

  2. The left in its infinite stupidity decided that you can’t execute murders, and that treason doesn’t exist. Welcome to the world the left has made for us, and the coming Dark Age.

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