Student files ‘hostile environment’ complaint against York

I have mixed feelings about this one. I prefer that no one ever took anything to the Human rights commission and we all demand that they be decommissioned altogether. Frankly the ‘Canadian Human Rights Decommission’ has kind of a nice ring to it. However I am curious as to how these biased racist undemocratic uncountable totalitarians will handle this. Will they refuse the case altogether as they did when Marc Lebuis attempted to bring a Montreal imam to the QHRC for flagrantly violating the letter and spirit of section 13 of the HRA in every imaginable way, or will they fear the optics of that and decide to hear it and find against the defendant achieving several of their usual goals at once.

1. Making sure the Muslim antisemites win the case

2. Finding against the plaintiff and trying to damage the image they have rightly earned for a 100% conviction rate in favour of the plaintiff.

3. Attempting to continue to appear relevant when most Canadians are now hip to the fact that the C-HRC’s are nothing more than a shakedown of the kind typical of Spanish medieval ‘judicial’ processes.

Below is the article: (h/t Gates of Vienna)


March 25, 2011

(JTA) —  A York University student filed a complaint with Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal alleging that the university tolerated an environment hostile to Jews.

Sammy Katz claims that he and other students were subjected to physical and verbal abuse at a pro-Israel event on the university’s Toronto campus in February 2010.

York subsequently released video of the event suggesting  that the pro- and anti-Israel students at the fracas were evenly matched and there was little or no physical confrontation.

In the complaint, released March 24 by Katz’s lawyers, the student claims he was subsequently vindicated in his claims and that York had “spun its own inaccurate version of the episode.”

Canadian universities in recent years have seen a flurry of tensions between pro- and anti-Israel groups.

A year ago, York expelled a student who allegedly advocated genocide against the Jews. Last week, McGill University in Montreal launched an investigation of a student who allegedly tweeted a threat to shoot participants at a pro-Israel event.

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3 Replies to “Student files ‘hostile environment’ complaint against York”

  1. The problem is for me, that this story presents a kind of dilemma. Muslims Against Crusades is of course, as everyone knows, Andy Chaudery’s group renamed after the UK government, in it’s near infinite stupidity, made his original group illegal.

    He really is a little dweeb but he manages to get a ton of media attention in the US as well as the UK. He often announces stunts like this and then doesn’t do them, raising his profile each time. So the question is, do I help him? or be negligent to news readers on the issue of Islam and the west and not report it?

  2. Here is something on-topic.

    Why won’t the members of the Canadian Jewish community take every university to task for similar reasons?

    A couple of weeks ago, it was Israeli “Apartheid” week at many across the country and you-know-who were at the center of it all, abusing the truth and Jews in equal measure.

    It would only make sense to take this sort of thing to the Canadian Supreme Court as most Muslim groups are viciously antisemitic in the extreme and are not afraid to show it.

    Just thinking…

    May the west prevail and Islam fail. Forever.

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