Iranian propaganda video with translation by Reza Kahlili

Translation was done by Reza Kahlili who runs the site, Reza is a former CIA agent who was stationed within the Iranian security services for some time.

More information here:

And CBN interviewed Kahlili on this video here:

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3 Replies to “Iranian propaganda video with translation by Reza Kahlili”

  1. The Left with its anti-religious attitude will refuse to believe that the Iranians are telling the world what they are going to do, this refusal will let the Moslems make a lot of military victories before we start fighting.

    This propaganda film is more proof that the various Iranian and Moslem Brotherhood groups and nations will attack Israel real soon, probably this summer.

  2. Like Shintoism, this ideology cannot be stopped until it’s adherents see clearly it is fake and just from the mind of a very cruel and selfish man. Sadly, there seems now to be no other way but the incineration of Qom, Medina and Mecca. So be it. The Japanese rose after their iconoclastic event into a great people. This is the only way to save the Muslims from their own adherence to an insane ideology.

  3. Shaunantijihad:
    I agree. But why destroy Medina? Instead, rename it Yathrib and give it back to the Jews who built it. Make it a part of Israel. But yeah you have to destroy the Kabaa at Mecca and Qom as well.

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