Interesting article and audio about the Barbary pirates. A bit of history that fell down the memory hole.

Muslim Pirates Sold a Million Europeans as Slaves: Lewis Lapham

Barbary pirates 1 of 2

Barbary pirates 2 of 2

"Pirates of Barbary"

The cover jacket of “Pirates of Barbary” by Adrian Tinniswood. Source: Riverhead Hardcover via Bloomberg

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Adrian Tinniswood

Adrian Tinniswood is the author of “Pirates of Barbary.” Source: Riverhead Hardcover via Bloomberg

Lewis Lapham

Lewis Lapham of Lapham’s Quarterly in New York. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

On Aug. 4, 1639, William Okeley sailed from the Isle of Wight on the Mary, bound for South America. He was captured by pirates and taken to Algiers, where he was paraded in front of the pasha, Yusuf II, before being sold at the slave market.

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6 Replies to “Interesting article and audio about the Barbary pirates. A bit of history that fell down the memory hole.”

  1. just to keep this into the right context there were 11 million African slaves shipped across the Atlantic and 14 million ship around the middle east (note: no blacks in the middle east today.) Then don’t forget how many died in the process of taking them and leaving others behind.

    It is disgusting to even think about it personally.

  2. Yeah it is totally horrible to think about. Still it is good it coming to light and the full story of slavery is now on offer: the white slavery, the black slavery of the white enslaver and of the brown enslaver and of course the slavery wholesalers of Allah.

  3. Excellent podcast and (partial) article.

    The Muslim slave trade continues as women in Saudi Arabia start to escape and tell the world their stories.

    Islam has decreed that Muslims can own people as slaves, just as the founder of their death cult did.

    That is slim justification for the on-going crap coming from Muslims.

    “Just as I will not be a slave, nor will I be a slave owner. That is my definition of democracy.” – Abraham Lincoln.

  4. The arab enslaver is the world’s best enslaver. He even has people who are black africans who have suffered so much at the hand of the arab calling themselves arabs and their black brothers and sisters black. This is a slavery of the mind which is so ridiculous as to defy belief but it has been perpertrated on the people of Northern Sudan but the trick failed with the Southern Sudanese who were wise and fought for their independence from the proxy arab imperialism of their ” arab” blacks from the north. Arab imperialism by proxy. Arab slavery of the south sudanese by newly minted arab proxys. RRwest yes these stories are now coming to light. Just recently I read of an australian women who was raped and then imprisoned in Dubai. The world is getting wiser by the day and these stories horrible and ghastly and our sympathies for the poor people who suffer them may make it impossible for the religion of peace mantra to do much good. One thing that women love is a story. The womens mags are full of them and a lot of them are tales of winning against tough odds. These heroic women are real life examples at the top of this teaching genre of writing.

  5. Let us hope that these women’s stories are repeated by the media in their home country and this will then warn off other women from going to theses islamotoxic dumps.

  6. Why can’t you people be more accommadating like muslim women, bearded chin stroking thoughtful respectful lefties, politicians after votes and recently converted criminals from prison. We need you people like a pig in islamic heaven. Gimme a break! I need my respect fix!

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