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5 Replies to “Melanie Phillips discusses her use of the term, ‘savages’ for which she is being investigated”

  1. Yes, like she said, that British Media are the leaders of this intellectual and moral inversion to these forces of evil and darkness. Yes they are indeed an accessory to all of this savagery and in rewarding and encouraging this to continue. But not just the British Media but all of the Western mainstream media outlets are in league with these forces of evil and darkness in encouraging such savagery to continue unabated. Thank you, Melanie Phillips, for telling it like it is.

  2. Well said Melanie. We respect women like you to speak out against injustice. We have plenty of our own problems with our situations so brave women are a godsend. May god send more women like you into the difficulties situations of the world and bring some understanding to them.

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