PCC investigates Melanie Phillips’ Spectator blog

If you cannot call a person who stabs a sleeping family to death in cold blood, and then all the people who are like him who celebrate these murders by a public celebration and the handing out of candy ‘Savages’ then what exactly does the word mean?


From The Guardian:

Melanie Phillips Melanie Phillips’ Spectator blogpost titled ‘Armchair barbarism’ prompted complaints to the PCC. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian

A Melanie Phillips blogpost on the Spectator website which referred to the “moral depravity” of Arab “savages” is being investigated by the Press Complaints Commission.

The online comment piece, headlined “Armchair barbarism”, focused on media coverage of the murder of five members of a Jewish family in the West Bank settlement of Itamar by Palestinian militants earlier this month.

“The moral depravity of the Arabs is finding a grotesque echo in the moral bankruptcy and worse of the British and American ‘liberal’ media,” wrote Phillips.

“Overwhelmingly, the media have either ignored or downplayed the atrocity – or worse, effectively blamed the victims for bringing it on themselves, describing them as ‘hard-line settlers’ or extremists.

“To the New York Times, it’s not the Arab massacre of a Jewish family which has jeopardised ‘peace prospects’ – because the Israelis will quite rightly never trust any agreement with such savages – but instead Israeli policy on building more homes, on land to which it is legally and morally entitled, which is responsible instead for making peace elusive. Twisted, and sick.”

The column, which also referred to coverage of the murders by CNN, the BBC and the Guardian – part of the group that publishes MediaGuardian.co.uk – prompted two complaints to the press watchdog, one of them from Engage, a group promoting Muslim engagement in British society.

Inayat Bunglawala, chair of Muslims4UK, said: “Her words went far beyond just denouncing the killings. It was a far more generalised racist outburst against Arabs as a whole.

“If you insert the word ‘Jew’ or ‘Jewish’ where she has referred to Arabs then I am sure she would have no doubt that those words would be antisemitic. Just as she abhors antisemitism it is important that she maintains the same vigorous anti-racist stance against Arabs. It is just unacceptable to use that kind of language.”

Bunglawala said he had also complained to the police about the column.

In November last year the Spectator and Phillips published an online apology to a prominent British Muslim they falsely accused of antisemitism in an online column.

The Spectator had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.

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5 Replies to “PCC investigates Melanie Phillips’ Spectator blog”

  1. Well I honestly can’t remember the time when Israeli Jews acted like the Palestinian savages. Melanie’s description is correct.

  2. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then we assume its a duck. When arab murder innocent children, and dance in the streets to celebrate, then anyone in their right mind would presume the arab are a bunch of baby killing savages. Once again we are witnessing the taking away of free speech when it happens to be speaking the truth about Islam. If we don’t all stand up for Miss Phillips, then we are as guilty as those who brutally murdered those innocent Jews.

  3. The Arabs in the Middle East are savages, and the way the ones in Europe and the US so easily take offense over the correct labeling of the savages shows that they are agreeing with the savage acts.

  4. For every blog that tells the truth about Muslims and their barbaric and savage behaviour when it comes to their enemies, both real and imagined, there will be hundreds more denouncing the Israelis for defending their land.

    Yet, when the Muslims are called out for their hatred and their irrational wish that all others die or be converted (or enslaved, you take your pick), the PC media and the “true believers” in multiculturalism will cry “racist”.

    Islam and Muslims are not a race, but the core ideology and brainwashed followers of a man who would be put in jail or killed outright were he ever to do the same things he did over 1,300 years ago today in any modern country.

    Melanie Phillips and those who are doing similar work (thank you eeyore and everyone else here at Vlad Tepes) are to be heralded as people who truly see the wood for the trees. They are not “crying wolf” but seeing that there is a real and honest threat to world peace within Islam and Muslims. They are describing the elephant in the living room that no-one else wants to see.

    Well done, Melanie.

    If we cannot call such horrible behaviour for what it is, then we cannot seek justice nor can we seek to defend the west from all who would destroy it.

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