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6 Replies to “Dispatches: Islam’s war against Britain”

  1. Seems like a race war to me. Lots of browns leading the way with the odd black and white losers in the ranks against the people of britain who are mainly white. I think the racial element is underplayed by the use of the word islam. It is plain as day when you see the racial makeup of the enemy of Britain. Still polite conversation dictates that we say we are at war with the extremist muslims. Yeah that really does not hit it acccurately so we can pretend that we are polite and politically correct while the bearded brown faced enemy gives a hearty Allah Akbar!

  2. There is only one solution: send every one of these proselytizers back to the land of their parent’s birth, and see how well they do there.

    Assimilation & multiculturalism are just jokes for these welfare bums.

  3. Assimilation & multiculturalism are mutually exclusive terms, the Islamists (almost all Moslems) want to force Britain and all other nations to assimilate into the Arabic culture, they are using the leftist tactic of multiculturalism to weaken and attack the west.

    Some of the Moslems interviewed in the clip are honest enough to admit they are at war against Britain (and the entire west) to force us to become Moslems.

  4. Does the west realize that Islam is at war with us?

    The UK is merely one flash point in this ideological struggle against all things modern and truly valuable.

    Why doesn’t the UK deport most of its Muslim immigrants? That would save a lot of grief and make the kingdom much safer from fanatics who bomb train stations, threaten homecoming soldiers, build mosques overlooking military installations, etc.

    These people are at war and we just roll over and play PC games with them. They continue to harass and intimidate through sheer numbers and threats of violence.

    I will never accept Islam so long as its followers want to create a universal caliphate at everyone else’s expense. That means I will never accept it, I guess.

  5. The more the UK government bends over backwards to accommodate these filthy lying savages, the more they attack us. Cameron is as bad if not worse than Blair: he is under the thumb of the jihadi in the White House. Obama is trying to destroy America( and the West) with his submission to the Mozlem Brotherhood, and his chaotic leadership.
    America and the West are hopefully bigger than a one-time islamo-nazi president.

  6. RRWest the Western leaders are too proud of being able to say that the west isn’t at war with Islam to recognize the fact that Islam is at war with us.

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