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8 Replies to “Interesting video of pro-Muslim americans.”

  1. The Polluter Pays Principle
    Islam is a form of pollution, which is not just limited to environmental pollution caused by the population pressures of fast-breeding parasites. Islam is also a toxic upwelling of spiritual, moral, social, economic, educational, genetic, intellectual and cultural pollution in the Western societies it is slowly poisoning.On the principle that the polluter pays, Muslims should be made to bear the cost of their socially corrosive activities, rather being rewarded for them.

  2. The fact that islamics is subtlely and blatantly polluting the world with its islamics caused fear is so unpleasant that may have caused many of us sufferring nonbelievers to be too afraid and unwilling to openly discuss about it.
    It is also weird why so many nonislamic asians employers chose(out of choice or out of no choice?) to reward those islamics asians who performed so poorly in so many aspects.

  3. As for violent verses in the Bible versus such verses in Mein Qurampf, Raymond Ibrahim has written a superb essay which, in a nutshell, should make the bearded and bespectacled c***s***er’s head explode if he could shut up his big, fat trap for a second to discuss a subject like a Westerner, a non-mahoundian Indian or a Far-East Asian would… And not like an inbred bedouin savage thinking that a discussion is won by screaming the loudest, rather than presenting arguments to support a point of view.

    Here’s a segment from an interview with Nicolai Sennels about mahoundians, which clearly shows that the screaming monkey ought to consider reciting the shahahahahahahada to make that kind of lunatic behavior something that would be seen by islamophilic Western talking heads as something “acceptable”:

    Sennels: Seen from a psychological and also humanistic perspective, it is very clear that people from different cultures have different needs when they have or create problems. My own experience is that Muslims don’t understand our Western way of trying to handle conflicts through dialogue. They are raised in a culture with very clear outer authorities and consequences. Western tradition using compromise and inner reflection as primary means of handling outer and inner conflicts is seen as weak in the Muslim culture. To a great extent they simply don’t understand this softer and more humanistic way of handling social affairs. In the context of social work and politics this means that they need more borders and stronger consequences to be able to adjust their behavior.

    EuropeNews: That leads us directly to the second myth: it is often said, that the criminality of immigrants is caused by social problems, not by their cultural background. In your book you disagree and point to the religion of the Muslims as a source of criminality.

    Sennels: Well, I would rephrase it as “Muslim culture” instead of “religion” because there are a lot of Muslims who don’t know what is written in the Quran and who don’t visit the mosques. But they are strongly influenced on a cultural level. And there we see that especially anger is much more accepted in the Muslim culture.
    One example: in Western culture and also in other non-Muslim cultures, like in Asia, you see aggression and a sudden explosion of anger as something you’ll regret afterwards, something you are ashamed of. It is completely opposite in the Muslim culture. If somebody steps on your honor – what I as a psychologist would call self confidence – you are simply expected to show aggression and often also verbal or physical revenge. So, aggression gives you a low status in our cultures, but a high status in the Muslim culture.

    The segments in bold fit that squeaking idiot like a glove.

  4. Love them. With idiots like that we know we can win. They have nothing but abuse and repetition. The question is why not just convert to islam if you love it so much that you feel compelled to go on the street to spew some islamphile venom. Be a muslim and you can do it at the mosque and the government will you give you a grant! These people are wonderful in being so stupid. God bless them and long may they continue. We need more. Lets hope they can get some more of their followers out to show just what a bunch of losers they are. The sheeple will see that too and they will not like it. The sheeple always love the winning side not this bunch of idiots. Who wants to be an idiot like this. Not the sheeple! Once the sheeple are on our side as a majority not just fifty fifty as is the case today we have won. Idiots like this may push more of the sheeple our way and that is good. We can then just let them be as they are as that what they like or even educate some of the sharper ones. This is one of the best videos on this blog. A new kind of idiot on the street. Wonderful!

  5. This is half-breed mixed up kind of scene ideologically speaking. Not quite sure with the black women who is the most mixed up person. Perhaps she is dating a brother fresh out of jail and into the religion of peace. Any way she is hanging out with the white dudes and we know they are marxists. She may be one but I doubt it. She may be one of fashionable people who just love to call folks racist.

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