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2 Replies to “C-704 Missile Produced by Iran Found Onboard the “Victoria””

  1. Doesn’t that sort of make the hair stand up on the back of your neck when some highly significant event slips by silently, hardly leaving a wake as it passes? The fact that Iran was shipping those to Hamas in Gaza is a crystal clear act of war. This is different from most of the other nerve-jangling stuff you hear that amounts to nothing – this is war. There is no doubt that Hamas would have used those missiles, so this act is the Nation of Iran firing missiles at the Nation of Israel. Anything the Israelis do from here on in is called “return fire”.

  2. Chris you are right, but the worlds media will refuse to look at it that way, they will call Israel the agressor no matter what happens, and I am expected a major multi-pronged attack against Israel some time this summer. Possibly as late as next summer but most likely this summer.

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