Netherlands: Gay couple sues city for harrasment by Muslim youths

NIS News:

UTRECHT, 22/03/11 – A gay couple from Utrecht is holding the municipality, the police and central government liable for the financial and emotional damage they suffered as a result of intimidation and violence of Moroccan youths.

The couple have made official police reports to the Utrecht police eight times in the past years. On no single occasion was a suspect arrested. Meanwhile, the two men have moved to another municipality.

The men are holding the municipality, the police and the State liable. They want to force a damages settlement from the three bodies via civil proceedings. In separate proceedings, they also want to compel judges to force the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) to prosecute the perpetrators.

Between the summer of 2009 and 2010, the men were continually intimidated. Windows of their house were broken and their car was damaged. Because police there said they could not take action against this, the men eventually found themselves forced to sell their home at way below its estimated value.

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  1. Worth re-reading and posting

    Vibrant Cultural Enrichment™

    The justification for mass immigration given by NuLabour is that immigrants bring ‘Vibrant Cultural Enrichment™ ‘ to our otherwise drab English lives.

    Now to a certain extent this is true. Wherever the Chinese settle you get Chinatowns, which become tourist attractions. In contrast, wherever the Jihadists settle you have ghettoes which become no-go areas. Obviously, some groups are more vibrant than others.

    So what have the Muslims contributed to our cultural enrichment?
    Zero? – no, the number 0 was a Hindu invention.

    In fact they have contributed less than zero, they have a negative effect on all aspects of society.

    Islam is a moribund culture that has produced nothing of any significance to the rest of the world for the past five hundred years, with the one exception of the new cinematic genre of ‘Jihad-Snuff’ videos, showing now at a mosque near you.

    Islamists have a deleterious effect on education, with attempts to rewrite history so that the Muslims are given credit for inventing everything, and aggressive demands to ban music, visual arts and drama from the syllabus.

    There’s the old joke about the difference between the Islamic world and a pot of yoghurt, but it’s beyond a joke when they try to impose their repressed and culturally barren stone-age culture on our kids.

    They have disrupted our once civilised society. They have made air travel into even more of a nightmare than it was. They have flooded the country with heroin.

    Kuffar teenagers in enriched areas are scared to go out in case boys get attacked by gangs of ‘Street Jihadists’ and girls by gang rapists. Even young children are vulnerable to Islamic paedophile gangs.

    They have destroyed trust. We can no longer trust doctors if they are Muslims. We can no longer trust police if they are Muslims.

    They have destroyed free speech. We can no longer discuss religion without being arrested. They have given our control-freak government the perfect excuse to increase their surveillance into everybody’s lives.

  2. Islam has contributed nothing but that will not effect the left. Harassment of what the left considers a minority will. This law suit is a very good thing for two reasons.

    1. the left might recognize their minorities are being harassed. which makes them feel bad.

    2. hit the left were it hurts their government money which could have been used to ‘help their feel good’ activities.

    Remember for the left it is all about feelings not logic. the left will act based on one criteria:
    “Does it make *me* (a leftist) feel good”
    Remember the left is a ‘me me’ generation. it is all about them.

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