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9 Replies to “A most reasonable observation. “It is not Europe that has failed its Muslims. It is Islam that has failed Europe””

  1. Indeed… Where could anyone say that Western Europe has “failed” the Far-East Asians, Hindu and Sikh Indians, Eastern Europeans and all non-mahoundian immigrants who have moved to its countries and thrived through the opportunities they sought for themselves; at the same time that the second- and third-generation descendants of such immigrants are raised to have a mindset that differs little from those of the natives?

    No one could have laid out such facts better than Thilo Sarrazin in the following quote:

    We have to stop speaking of “the” immigrants. We have to consider for once the different immigrant groups. The Vietnamese: The parents can barely speak German and sell cigarettes or have a kiosk. But then the second-generation have consistently better grades and a better rate of success on university entrance exams than [native] Germans. The East Europeans: Ukrainians, Belarussians, Polish, and Russians tend to show the same result. They are willing to integrate, adapt quickly, and have better-than-average academic success. The German-Russians [i.e., Russian immigrants of ostensibly Germanic origin] have big problems in the first and to some extent also in the second generation. Thereafter, everything goes smashingly, since they still have the old-Germanic conception of work. As soon as the linguistic obstacles have been cleared away, they have higher rates of success on university entrance exams than others. The same goes for East Asians, Chinese, and Indians.

  2. It will take a Herculean effort to change or motivate a group of people who have been indoctrinated for 1400+ yrs to only think and worship one way, never even being allowed to question or challenge the teachings of the prophet, constantly being berated and living under the threat of harm and ridicule from the Imams or ‘religious police’. and members of their own faith. As a group I see very little effort to assimilate. IMHO with most Muslims it’s their way or no way.

  3. His grammar is all wrong.

    It should read:

    “It is not Europe that has failed its Muslims. It is Muslims who have failed (invaded) Europe.” Under false pretenses that they are refugees.

    Refugees, my ass. They are a fifth column all over the world.

    Time to reverse the hajri.

  4. OT . . . Anyone know what happened to kitmantv? When I try to look it up, I get the following screen: “Blog has been removed
    Sorry, the blog at kitmantv.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.”

  5. WTD ‘Frank’ is working on it now. We are not sure at this moment but it may be that his whole op was ‘hacked’ in some way that caused the host to shut it down temporarily, or so we hope. Stand by. We should have real news soon.

  6. Indeed the idea of looking at other immigrant communites is the way to decipher this mess. They seem to do pretty well. However, the problem is compounded in this discussion by islam. Why n0t talk about pakistanis and somalis without any mention of their arab religion. That way we have a clear discussion. No need to mention Islam at all. That is all these people have and are interested in. Take it away from them in a discussion about different ethnic groups and they are revealed as the islamic losers they are but in a subltle way.

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