Various Muslim groups in Luton accuse each other of apostacy

I have a few questions for the ‘Mild Muslim’ at the end. I would like to know if he believes that cutting off a hand for thieves should apply to all who cheat the rules on welfare benefits for one thing.

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  1. RRWEST: Lets hope that they kill each other off without taking anyone else out.

    They are only fighting to get the sole killing rights of Infidels, so they can book a place for 72 virgins.

    Meanwhile we should help them in the rest of the ME.

  2. Notice in the video they challenge the phrase the moderate muslim. Notice also they were not too bothered about the Andy Chow boys before the EDL and the BNP started making waves. Notice also the contemept for the kuffar in the final statement of the prison jailbird now muslim. Notice how he plays the victim card saying that the Kuffar is getting him to do the dirty work of confronting the Andy Chow gang of right wing brown men who belive in Arab Supremacy with thier White Arab Supremacist leader MO. Afterall Mr Former jailbird also believes in that peadophile gentlemen too and is fully homophobic and for cutting off people hands etc. So he fails at the end. He lets his anger at the kuffar out. A Bad pice of propaganda. They should never have let the former jailbird speak. He was ok until the end and then he messed up. Take some lessons on kitman and takia Mr former jialbird. Now the organiser, the arab supremacist brown man master of this jailbird was excellent. If he had done the propaganda all the way it would have been better. Sometimes the experts need to not let these idiots fresh from jail mess up their lies for Allah.

  3. The racialising of this conflict in my post is deliberate. We are afraid to racialise the thing with islam. It is mainly desert brown man thing, a circumcised brown man activity. The other races and especially the white muslims are incidental and almost of no consequence. So islam is really a coloured man thing with the desert brown man leading the way. No wonder the hatred for whites is so strong in Islam. Apart from the minor few white losers,whites refuse to convert. They prefer yoga dancing or singing the praises of the lord or some new ufo cult but rarely do they prefer islam. Anything but islam! Now this really pisses them off. Why! Hence the hatred. But there are many other reasons.

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