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4 Replies to “Good video comparing Mein Kampf and Koran among other things.”

  1. Good video.

    Mein Kampf has been in print in the Muslim world ever since it was first published by the Nazis over 70 years ago. In some parts of the Muslim world, it has been a best-seller whenever a new edition has been published.

    The Nazis admired the koran for its treatment of Jews just as much as Muslims admired the Nazis for the same thing.

    So where is it written that we should accept Islam as a religion?

  2. RRWest Islam has been accepted as a religion for about 1500 years, it is doing to be hard to reverse the attitude that Islam is a religion.

  3. I agree that it will be hard to reverse over 1,000 years of propaganda overnight. But the truth remains that Islam, apart from all other religions, wants world conquest now. Muslims are promised rewards in this life for jihad, not only the next. That is why they are dangerous.

    The sad fact is that before and during WWII, there were only a few million hard-core Nazis to fight while there are over 40 million Muslims living there now. And before and during WWII, there were no more than a few thousand supporters of the Nazis outside of Europe, while there are tens of millions of Muslims living outside of the Middle East.

    If the analyses are correct in that there may be around 10% of the Muslim population that is fanatic, then that means there are over 120 million fanatical Muslims around the world. And over 4 million of them living in Europe alone.

    The only solution to Islam is fighting them as they fight us. The only way in which Muslims will understand that their hatred, violence and bigotry is not tolerated in the free world is to punish them in ways that they understand, which is severely and with the same “mercy” that their ‘deity’ shows them under sharia law.

    We have two choices once the Muslim populations of the free world gets to “critical mass” which may be 10% or it may be as much as 20%, either fight back with everything we have and defeat Islam everywhere or be forced into servitude for the next two to three generations under the heel of Islam and sharia law.

    Muslim leaders have the feeling that a universal caliphate is within one to two generations of becoming real. And they are using mass immigration and demographics to insure that this happens.

    The west is signing its own doom with the lax refugee rules that enables Muslims to enter the west in greater numbers than any other group in history.

    This has to stop or we face the destruction of everything that the west and the free world has built up for the past 1,000 years and more.

    Gone will be the legacy of ancient Rome and the democratic ideals of ancient Greece. Gone will be the evidence that such things existed, since Islam is a replacement ideology and a replacement “civilization” for lack of a better word and Muslims do everything in their power to erase what has come before.

    This worldwide invasion by Islam is looking to be that serious and that worrisome.

  4. Thank you for getting this truth out for all to see and hear.
    We need people like Joshua & Caleb who can report what is really happening.

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