European court allows crucifix in public schools

Catholic Culture March 18, 2011

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the display of a crucifix in a public-school classroom is not a violation of human rights.

The March 18 decision by the Strasbourg court overturns a previous decision by a lower panel, which had ruled in November 2009 that the crucifix display violated the rights of an atheist student in Italy. The Italian government had appealed that decision to the full court.

The Vatican warmly welcomed the European court’s decision. Father Federico Lombardi, the director of the Vatican press office, said that the court realized “that the exhibition of the crucifix is not indoctrination but the expression of the cultural and religious identity of countries of a Christian tradition.”

The decision of the European Court, reached by a 15-2 vote, applies not only to Italy but to all the member-nations of the European Union.

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9 Replies to “European court allows crucifix in public schools”

  1. In secular Western North America we hear virtually no church bells. Mention anything about Christianity and it’s a conversation-stopper. You might as well tell them you’re an income tax auditor. I have acquaintances who believe that Christianity is the biggest threat to human life, while ignoring the whole 20th century secular debacles of communism and its 120+ million victims.

    And most ignorantly, they trash religion (Christianity only) with no awareness at all that their moral and cultural values are the direct result of Christianity, as if egalitarian laws and general compassion just arose spontaneously. Never will a leftist have the patience to actually study the Bible, since crass sloganism trashing it is all they think they need to know -a classic example of the first stage of learning – unconscious imcompetence coupled with a false righteousness – a false ‘knowing’ that they are above all that religious claptrap. In their minds religion is merely a crutch for the weak, for those who aren’t aware enough to fathom their lofty leftist utopian ideals.

    Europe, while under threat, is refreshing in that church bells are common, more and more are secular but people do support their wonderful churches and cathedrals noticeably more. Public structures have Christian grottoes built into the stonework – everywhere you can see the effects of our Christian roots.

    Even of you only set foot in a church for weddings and funerals, it’s time for a reaffirmation of the great debt we owe to Christianity, acknowledge its flawed history (administered by humans after all), and work to become more conscious and active in encouraging Christianity. Not cobbled-together New Age secular gobbledygook about the “energy”, but a personal relationship with God.

    I recall a story about a peasant who had chickens in a hen house, goats, and a mongoose. The chickens and goats gave him most of what he needed to survive – eggs, meat, milk, etc. The mongoose would scurry around and didn’t seem to have any value. What’s more, it would steal the odd egg, and was generally annoying to the peasant.

    One day he killed the mongoose – after all, there was no perceived value in having it around. However, the pythons from the forest began to creep in at night, stealing eggs, and when there were no eggs left, they began to eat the chickens. Once all the chickens were gone, the goats were next.

    The peasant, anguished at the destruction of his little farm by the pythons, cried out in grief for his lost means of making a living, realizing only too late that it was the MONGOOSE that protected his living.

    Christianity in the West is the mongoose, and we had better begin to place value on it and reaffirm the value of a healthy religious and moral system which holds our society together. Destroy Christianity and, as we see today, anything goes – any new paradigm, whether it’s leftism or nihilism, either way the structure of the society quickly erodes.

  2. How on gods earth is a crucifix in a public-school classroom a violation of human rights?

    What ever happend to Jesus dying for our sins?

  3. Yes Europe is waking up, and various sections of the US are also, but the war is far from over, it will continue for a long time.

  4. @DP11, agree that allowing such an idolatrous anti-Christian symbol as the crucifix in public schools not joyful news, is foolish, and certainly offensive to Bible-believing Christians and the idea of freedom from religion, separation of church and state, but I’m not sure how they define “human right” over there….in any case, while I would not object to a student wanting to wear a crucifix or any other religious symbol around the neck, public schools putting such on display is a different matter all together and very objectionable & coercive imo

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