UK Authoritarianism: “Terrified of People Thinking for Themselves”

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“Huge numbers of Britons would support an anti-immigration English nationalist party if it were not associated with violence and fascist imagery,” The Guardian reported last week.

In a certain sense, English nationalism has emerged in opposition to the “neo-imperialism” or “neo-colonialism” of a militant wing that refuses to allow minorities to be English, preferring to keep them “minorities” to be used as political pawns. However, the association of English nationalism with anti-Islamism causes the most alarm: in hoping that radical, anti-Western Muslims would prove useful in instigating revolution, the far-Left has long allied with Islamist organizations.

The UK actually does have such a party: the English Democrats. Founded in 1998 by former Conservative Party member, and its current chairman, Robin Tilbrook, it won its first mayoral election in 2009, with Peter Davies elected mayor for the city Doncaster. In line with The Guardian’s assertions, Tilbrook also believes his party has reached a “critical mass,” and is poised to make further electoral gains.

The sudden interest in, and concern about, the possible appeal of an English nationalist party was almost certainly provoked by a recent Daily Star front-cover story a few weeks ago, in which the tabloid claimed that the English Defence League, an increasingly visible anti-Islamist protest movement, was about to form itself into a political party.

The Daily Star’s reporting caused a considerable stir in the media and blogosphere, not least of all as the EDL’s leader was quoted as saying only that they were not ruling out becoming a political party – which may have been an off-the-cuff remark. Since then, one of the tabloid’s reporters has quit, claiming that the Daily Star peddled anti-Muslim bias and “hatemongering.”

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4 Replies to “UK Authoritarianism: “Terrified of People Thinking for Themselves””

  1. Interesting article! It is *very true* that the left (and indeed, those currently in power in the U.K.) are terrified of people thinking for themselves! Those in power will be saying “Goodness gracious, that could mean the end of political-correctness – oh, we can’t have that!”
    I believe that the rising popularity of the E.D.L. has **nothing** to do with “racism”. It is simply a sign that the people in the U.K. are FED UP with being ignored. Fed up with the important issues )that they are worried about) being ignored.
    Hopefully the support for the E.D.L. will also translate into support for the English Democrats.

  2. All authoritarian governments are afraid of people thinking for themselves, when people are allowed to think for themselves they end up choosing freedom and not dictatorships.

  3. Having nonwhite authoritarian immigrant groups or aggresive islamic groups who misused their growing clout or growing influence or growing numbers to silence any criticism of their unpleasant nonwhite or negative islamic characteristics is also another reason why many people are unhappy with the imposition of political correctness, which does nothing to address issues that may or may not related to racism.

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