Gaddafi Mocks Obama and the West: Mr. President You Can’t Vote ‘Present’ As Leader of the Free World

The CIA agent who was jailed in Pakistan for murder because he shot his way out of a robbery situation, is on his way home now from Pakistan. The US government, rather than insisting that his actions were indeed covered under international treaties as a diplomat, or that his actions were legitimate self defence, instead elected to pay both blood money to the families of the thieves shot by the agent, and worse, US visas for the families of these thieves. Personally I blame Reagan for setting this precedent with the Iran-Contra scandal where hostages were bought, by Oliver North acting for Reagan, from Hizb’alah on Iranian orders. And now we see this from Gaddafi, a leader who Reagan would have removed if Italy had not betrayed the US and warned Libya about the strike that the US launched against him in the 80s. Gaddafi is right on one thing. You cannot just vote present when you lead the free world and call yourself a leader.

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Now that the west has refused to take any military action to help the rebels fighting Gaddafi,  the Crazy Colonel has been emboldened.   “Strike Libya?”  he said in a speech yesterday.  ”We’ll be the ones who strikes you! We struck you in Algeria,  in Vietnam.”  It appears to be increasingly likely that Gaddafi is going to prevail.   He may not have complete control of the country when its done,  but he will control the major cities and the oil facilities.  He will be emboldened and have billions of dollars of cash thanks to oil exports.

He is also making clear that he is going to work to punish those who asked for him to step down (UK, US, and France) and throw his business to those countries who remained neutral and silent (Russia, China, and Germany).  President Obama managed to carry out a “policy” that is the worst of both worlds.  He did just enough to enrage Gaddafi,  but not enough to actually get rid of him. You can’t split the difference when it comes to a civil war.  You either sit quiet or you pick sides.

Mr. President, how is it possible to come up with such a stupid strategy?

President Obama continues to believe that speeches and statements (“Gaddafi should step down”) are tantamount to a policy.   Power politics is not a debating society and flowery speeches and expressions of “hope and change” mean nothing at the end of the day. When Obama sat in the Illinois State Senate,  he had a habit of voting “present” on certain thorny political issues.  When it comes to leading the Free World,  ”present” won’t just cut it.

It’s a sad day when Hillary Clinton is providing the backbone for a presidential administration.

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2 Replies to “Gaddafi Mocks Obama and the West: Mr. President You Can’t Vote ‘Present’ As Leader of the Free World”

  1. Very true. I just cannot believe what I am seeing from this so-called “leader” Obama. What a FOOL! Waffling on with his flowery speeches about “oh, it’s time for Gaddafi to go.” Empty words, Obama.
    I ***can’t wait*** for the next U.S. election. I’m not American, but nothing will give me more pleasure than to see Obama lose the next election in a GOP landslide.

  2. I’m of the opinion that this is reminiscent of the Bay of Pigs fiasco in the very year Barry was born in 1961. Remembering too that this resulted in the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 because of the lack of resolve exhibited by the POTUS in support for the removal of Castro. Any chance this too will all end by April 19-20?

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