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One Reply to “When Middle East Politics Invade Campus Lorne Saltman, President of Advocates for Civil Liberties”

  1. We need at least ten thousand more people like her to stand up to the Muslim propaganda so that we have a better than average chance of defeating the lies that they spread about Islam and its aims.

    The only true conspiracy today is that of the ummah, the world body of Muslims who have the obligation to spread Islam or die trying. In the meantime, many hundreds of millions of those Muslims who do not actively participate in terrorist activity are guilty of doing so by passive association by the fact that they do nothing to stop it.

    The judge makes a very valid set of points, especially about how the internet is spreading ignorance and lies in equal measure.

    I walked by a small display at a local university on Monday that talks of the imaginary Israeli “apartheid” and other displays about Islam during “Islamic Awareness Week”. I was outraged, but I could do nothing to stop either the anti-Israeli propaganda nor the Islamic awareness week. You can bet that all of the information spewed out from these displays were full of takiyya and kitman as well as internet propaganda.

    If we had thousands more people in academia who use critical thinking skills, then I would hold hope that the west can survive. But the harsh reality is that schools have not taught critical thinking for almost 3 decades, opting out to teach self-esteem and enforce “social promotion” over failing children who won’t learn.

    It comes down to this: if we are to defeat the lies that Islam’s leaders spew out through the ummah, then we must teach critical thinking and abandon the direction that education now takes.

    And, by all that is rational and truthful, we must educate mass media about what threats we really face through mass immigration from Muslim countries. Maybe then the politicians will listen to what Islam is actually about and do something to stop the emergence of the universal caliphate.

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