Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Launches Cyber Attack: Report

From Huffington Post:

Iran Cyber Attack

NASSER KARIMI   03/14/11 05:41 AM   AP

TEHRAN, Iran — Iranian hackers working for the powerful Revolutionary Guard’s paramilitary Basij group have launched attacks on websites of the “enemies,” a state-owned newspaper reported Monday in a rare acknowledgment from Iran that it’s involved in cyber warfare.

The report followed an announcement in January that Iran had formed its first cyber police unit in an attempt by authorities to gain an edge in the digital world.

The Internet has also been a key outlet for Iran’s opposition since the 2009 disputed presidential election. In addition, Iran has been trying to boost its web defenses after the Stuxnet computer worm made its way into computers involved with the country’s controversial nuclear program.

Gen. Ali Fazli, acting commander of the Basij, was quoted by state-owned IRAN paper as saying Iran’s cyber army is made up of university teachers, students and clerics. He said its attacks were a retaliation for similar attacks on Iran, according to the semi-official Mehr news agency. There were no further details about the possible targets or the time of the attacks.

“As there are cyber attacks on us, so is our cyber army of the Basij, which includes university instructors and students, as well as clerics, attacking websites of the enemy,” Fazli said. “Without resorting to the power of the Basij, we would not have been able to monitor and confront our enemies.”

So far, the Revolutionary Guard – Iran’s military-industrial powerhouse – was believed linked to the secretive “Cyber Army” that emerged to fight opposition websites and blogs after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s disputed re-election in 2009.

In February, Guard chief, Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, signaled that the force supports the cyber army, describing it as a “defensive, security, political and cultural need for all countries.” Jafari claimed at the time that the Guard have been successful in cyber warfare.

Iran has been seeking to master the digital world as a crucial step to prepare for what it calls “soft war,” which includes fighting against cyber attacks such as the Stuxnet computer worm that Iran said was aimed at sabotaging its uranium enrichment program.

Iranian officials claimed there were no setbacks in nuclear operations from Stuxnet but a November report by the U.N. nuclear agency said Iran’s enrichment program was temporarily shut down in a possible link to the worm’s infiltration at the Natanz nuclear facility.

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  1. Mullahs always on the forefront of technology [irony\off]. Look at the cars driving around in Tehran lol. Was about time for them to get some cyber capabilities. Pretty much everybody else has them now. I wonder who they hired, because they themselves obviously lack the skills, see Stuxnet. Marg bar Diktator.

  2. These guys can barely think beyond Death to America!, and Glorious Civilisation! They will be in for a surpise when the the computer software experts of the America,Europe, India and Japan have a look at their crappy little viruses.You call that a virus we were doing that decades ago! Even now they can not get their nuclear industy up and running and without foreign help even that would be impossible. God bless (not!) the Russians for helping out the little tech ants of the Glorious Death to America Civilisation. You see with these people boasting is their key feature. Even without actually doing anything notice the kind of boasting that is involved in their statements. Boasting is their strongest point. Now why is that the case. It is because they are emotional people who are inbred. You will notice this feature in emotional retards all over the place. A nice saying from Denmark is this: The little dog barks loadest.

  3. Sorry about the typos. Yeah tonc it is all about hiring someone with these guy and then claiming it was all us baby. They usually need help. Another thing springs to mind is the oil industry. I hear it is in a dire condition due to lack of foreign help. What people need to realise is that for an inbred muzzie group like these people they do need help and lots of it. They know not what to do in all things not just dealing with virus attacks etc. They need a helping hand in everything. They live in a desert. Most of Iran is a desert. They could get help from Isreal with turning deserts into good soil. They need a better standard of living since they only have a gdp per capita of about 12 thousand dollars, so foreign investment could help with that. They need help with taking over the world for Allah. Allah could help out here but he stubbornly refuses to lift a finger or even a painted toenail. Boasting is one thing they need no help with.

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