Julie Taub Canadian immigration lawyer speaks on the system

This is all of her speech at an immigration symposium given in Ottawa early this year. She was very good and quite clear about the problems of Canada’s absurd refugee system and how it is being taken advantage of not just at the expense of the Canadian taxpayer, but of who might be genuine refugees, such as women fleeing the barbarity of sharia law in Muslim lands.

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  1. Good for them !!! Canada deserves people like them.
    I immigrated here 10 years ago , university graduated fluent in 5 languages,paid for my immigration papers.
    And what have I got? A cleaning job in which I work 7 days a week getting paid 12$ per hour. I have worked for 2 FULL years without 1 day OFF!!!!
    I tried everything I could to get another job and also get this situation fixed with the help of the so called labour board and of likes.NOTHING!!!
    I hate Canada with my heart and my soul and yet I can’t live cause I don’t know how to face my family back home.
    I hope these people will destroy this fitlhy country and avenge me!
    I will one day see Canada like Afghanistan.

  2. So you don’t think that Canada is a bigger thing than your inability to get a job? You would rather see brutal horror and religious totalitarianism with its attendant genocide to all it does not like than develop a little character?

    FYI, if you have a degree and speak 5 languages I suggest you apply at the CSE. You will have your dream job in a few hours. However it sounds like you are not the kind of person who should be in charge of Canada’s security.

  3. Canada’s refugee system is an unmitigated disaster. It has been for a very long time.
    If given the chance everybody in the Thirld World will claim asylum in the globe’s premium Patsy Nation : Canada. After all, what other Donk nation gives self-invited aliens free money and housing ( so they can squat and outbreed the indigenous population)?…
    The refugee racket has to be terminated. Shut Canada’s borders to everybody except bona fide immigrants.
    Enough is Enough!

  4. I have 2 sons born in Canada and I always tried to teach them how to be good citizens as for me I’d never , ever in a million years raise one finger to defend this place.
    I’d seat and watch and cheer for the end result.
    You jews that think you are protected here, you’re big time mistaken.
    Canadians I mean the white trash component which is by far still the majority would never defend you.
    From top to bottom there’s corruption , they’ve used the immigrants for a long time to get rich, I’m not talking about the white trash those ones just want their share in pot, beer and hockey I’m talking about the upper class.
    You guys are big time mistaken believing in a LIE called CANADA. The jews in Canada are living as the jews lived in pre NAZI Germany. Wake up and smell the cofee, it’s already too late.

  5. Frank, where is the censorship? What was not published? If a comment has more than 2 links in it, it gets held for moderation by spam filters. But there is little to no censorship here of comments unless someone is outright planning a criminal act or advocating one.

  6. Thank’s
    Despite my anger towards this country I stand on the side of the jewish people.
    The jews have contributed tremendously to make the world a better place!
    Fight for you not for Canada it does not deserve your sweat!
    Thank you!
    I read your blog every single day!
    I love truth and honesty.

  7. Hey, Frank, if you would only let your anger down for a moment and think, you would realize that you have the right to time off. If you don’t exercise that right, “tough titties” for you. With all your “education” I would think that you would be able to use half your brain and either ASK for time off, or find a better job.

    I would kill to make $12 an hour right now, after having been out of work for more than two years. And that’s in the country that you “despise”. While Canada may not be perfect, it sure beats anything the Muslims have given the world. And if you really hate it here, move back to where you came from.

    On to the situation regarding immigration as it stands in Canada.

    My parents and my wife’s parents immigrated to Canada well before anyone could claim “refugee” status. Both sets of parents came from western Europe and both had to make do with what they had.

    Today’s “refugees” can claim up to seven year’s tax-free status, get free English or French language lessons (my parents had to learn the hard way: on the job and on the street), can have houses and other expenses paid for, and other benefits courtesy of a compliant multicultural-tolerant government. No other generation of immigrants has been able to access such items right off the bat. And if they are from third-world or Muslim countries, the rate at which the government lackeys bends over backwards to meet their wants speeds up, else the new immigrants put up a fuss and threaten to sue or cry “racism”.

    No, I do not pity or feel sorry for immigrants one bit. Compared to fifty or even fourty years ago, they really have it easy.

    So Frank, wise up, pull up your socks and get a life. Stop whining and be grateful that you do not live in northern Japan or the Sudan. In the former is a natural disaster called an earthquake, in the latter is a man-made disaster called Islam.

  8. @ Frank, stop crying dude… I am a mexican american that had to move to canada because my wife is canadian, you complain you are making 12 bucks an hour for cleaning??? In the states people make 6.75 an hour for the same job… I have no ther comment, but to let you know you are a loser… If you left your country it may be because you were not doing so great, otherwise, why bother? If you cant use your credentials here, well… Start again, it is healthier than keep whinning… You dont want to do it? Does it take too long? Poor thing… Then get the hell out of America (the continent) and go back… Oh wait… But you are also whinning about going back, right????

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